2021 August 17 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

We’re fortunate to have a friend like Eric Peters on the side of freedom and liberty. We cover a number of current events in our discussion today including the creation of health kulaks and our ongoing subjugation.

The fear that so many feel over Covid is causing a kind of tunnel vision to set in where the bigger picture can be difficult to see. Martin Armstrong explains how the virus is being used as a Trojan horse by certain opportunists who are eager to gain control over as much of humanity as possible.

If you get the sense that things are happening so quickly these days that it’s difficult to keep up, you’re in good company. A lot of narratives are falling apart right before our eyes. James Howard Kunstler says to prepare for strange days ahead.

The scenes coming out of Afghanistan are chaotic and wrenching. The blame game is in full swing as well. If you want a solid take from the guy who was sounding the warning all along, Ron Paul is the man. He says that Kabul has fallen but don’t blame Biden.

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