2-2-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Guest: Patrick Semmens – National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation – RightToWork.org.

* Biden took the unprecedented step of firing National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Peter Robb after he refused to resign.

* Joe Biden brazenly proclaimed: “We should change the federal law [so] that there is no Right to Work allowed anywhere in the country.

* N.Y. girl, 9, pepper- sprayed in handcuffs.

* Nonvoters, Registered Democrats Among Those Arrested at Capitol Protest – Hannah Bleau.

* 18-Year-Old College Student Turns His Father in to FBI, Gets $138K on GoFundMe.

* Political commentator Steven Crowder will sue Facebook for treating conservative content unfairly.

* President’s action puts America’s women and children at risk – Come on, man! Allowing men to use women’s bathrooms is bad policy! – American Family Association. Take Action: Send your email to Biden now, telling him he has the obligation to protect women and children, not put them at risk of sexual assaults. The president of the United States should not sanction a policy of inviting men to enter the women’s restrooms and dressing rooms.

* pharmaceutical giant Merck recently dropped out and ended its COVID-19 vaccine trials!

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