2-19-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 1

  • * Justin Bieber Celebrates ‘Giving His Life’ to Jesus.
  • * Fearless Trump tweets same quote that once got James Woods suspended.
  • * Mike Pence Responds to Mike Bloomberg: ‘So God Made a Farmer’.
  • * So God Made a Farmer – Paul Harvey.
  • * So God Made a Patriot – Sam Bushman.
  • * A Russian farmer shared video of the rescue of four horses that fell through some ice into the frigid waters of a pond.
  • * Bloomberg drops $124 million in Super Tuesday states. Rivals go on the attack.
  • * Limbaugh predicts Sanders 3rd-party run if Hillary is Bloomberg’s VP.
  • * Nevada Wild: Sanders Has Advantage, But Vote-Counting Could Be Messy.
  • * Not just Bidens! Kerry, Romney, Clintons, Pelosi, Soros are ALL tied to Ukraine – Following the money leads to top Democrats.
  • * Nolte: Sam Donaldson Endorses Bloomberg, Trashes Trump as ‘Sick, Ignorant.
  • * Pete Buttigieg: ‘We Are All Lifted Up’ by Stories About Abortions.
  • * Franklin Graham fires back at ‘truthophobic’ LGBT radicals. ‘The Gospel is what is really being ‘banned’ from these venues’.
  • * Walmart Shopper Uses Grocery Cart to Help Stop Alleged Thief.

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