12-9-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

We’ve had plenty of bad news this year. If you want to understand why our brains tend to latch on to whatever negativity is being sent our way, you’ll appreciate Barry Brownstein’s latest essay. He makes the case that there is a more beautiful melody than fear that we may be overlooking.

It’s pretty clear that the individuals and organizations who are asserting that the last election was affected by fraud are making the politicians and media uncomfortable. Why else would YouTube actively censor anyone questioning the election results? Jacob Hornberger reminds us that we should be grateful for those who are working to keep the election process above board. They’re doing us all a favor.

My kids are mostly grown now but I like to keep an eye out for parenting advice. One of the most useful bits of information I’ve encountered recently was an article by Aaron White on managing the emotions of your kids. He has a really interesting take on what many of us tend to get wrong as well as what we get right.

Another bit of good news, Newsmax surged past Fox News in the ratings for the first time earlier this week. This doesn’t mean that it has become the one-true-source of news. It does, however, indicate that the mass media’s control over the official narrative is slipping.

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