12-8-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show

An LDS Church leader’s pronouncement on the wearing of masks is being used as a sledgehammer by some to hammer mask critics as heretics. Keira Wilcox has a powerful essay about how to respond to opinions from spiritual leaders that may not align with our deepest convictions. The key is a willingness to be tough enough to be kind.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time on the Eric Peters Autos website. He has a well-informed take about our ongoing move toward a cashless societymicromobility and our growing dependence on the state and the coming separation of the maskless from the masked.

It’s not getting as much press as COVID, but there is a growing outbreak of CS taking place these days. Jeff Minnick explains what CS is and why each of us should be open to catching a chronic case of it.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but fear is one of the key components of an unhealthy life. It causes stress which can lower our immune system’s ability to fight off disease. Keith Gandal has an enlightening article about how we are scaring ourselves to death over COVID rather than focusing on strengthening our immunity and avoiding infection.

If you think the above topics are subversive or controversial, allow me to share a truly controversial dissident idea courtesy of Kent McManigal: Your rights don’t depend on politicians. How’s that for a wild idea? Instead of waiting for someone in authority to tell you what your rights are, you can simply claim them, use them and defend them, if necessary. What a concept.

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