12-4-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Guest: Becky Akers – Author: Halestorm, Abducting Arnold. the revolutionary new novels. Buy them before They’re banned!
  • * Transgender Who Sued Over ‘Bikini Wax Access’ Now Targeting Gynecologists.
  • * Melania Trump Unveils Her Stunning White House Christmas Decorations for 2019!
  • * Soros Group Eclipses $70M Spent on Lobbying Since Trump Took Office – Billionaire spent more in past 2.5 years on advocacy than prior 14 years combined.
  • * Nine-year-old child genius to graduate university – CNN.
  • * Federal Appeals Court Rules Ban on Pre-Game Prayer Violates Free Speech.
  • * Sen. Mike Lee among co-chairmen of Trump’s Utah reelection campaign.
  • * Washington DC field to sport 5,000 solar panels, inspired by message from the pope.
  • * 10-year-olds say they were suspended after asking to be excused from LGBT lesson.

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