12-3-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

The frustration over social media censorship and information manipulation has reached a boiling point. The president is threatening to veto the latest military funding bill unless Congress agrees to repeal Section 230 of the CDA. Policy analyst James Czerniawski joins me to explain why this is the last problem we want government to “fix.”

You’ve no doubt been hearing a lot about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lately. If you need to expand your understanding of what Bitcoin is and why it has value, Jeffrey A. Tucker has a terrific essay that breaks it down for us.

One of the best arguments for cryptocurrency and other blockchain technology is the fact that it decentralizes control of money, information, etc. Ryan McMaken has a solid explanation of why decentralization is good for personal freedom and local governance and why it’s hated by government central planners.

One of the keys to recognizing good public policy from bad policy is knowing the difference between positive rights and negative rights. Daniel J. Mitchell has a marvelous primer that illustrates this crucial difference and explains which one is congruent with properly limited government.

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