12-3-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Guest: Patrick Semmens – National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation – RightToWork.org.
  • * Foundation Winning Protections Against Forced Unionism at Trump NLRB! Series of victories adds protections against illegal forced dues, being trapped in union ranks.
  • * Federal Board Adopts Foundation-Advocated Reform to Union Decertification Rules.
  • * How can I resign my union membership?
  • * Today is Giving Tuesday – Please Donate to the Sacred Cause of Your Choice.
  • * New Roy Moore ad: ‘Alabama voters won’t be fooled again’.
  • * Roy Moore’s Senate Bid Includes Promises To Rescind Rights For The LGBTQ Community.
  • * High-school junior C.J. Pearson lashes out at AOC: ‘If anyone is the boss, it is We the People’.
  • * Dale Jackson: Time for other Senate candidates to follow John Merrill’s lead.
  • * Duke basketball and the nation’s decline – Larry Klayman slams his alma mater as ‘the Berkeley of the South’.
  • * CNN’s Ana Navarro: One sad, sick woman – Todd Starnes drubs commentator over reaction to polls showing black support for president.
  • * Congressman wants to make Washington ‘inconsequential’ – ‘The greatness of this country lies outside’ of nation’s capital.

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