12-28-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Who or what poses the greater threat to our liberty and well-being these days? Most of us would be tempted to start naming politicians or other bureaucratic string-pullers. Caitlin Johnstone says, hold up, mass media propaganda is what’s doing the most damage.

Trying to defend the truth or your principles is never without risk. Paul Rosenberg has been publishing a helpful series of essays on common fallacies and how to counter them. His latest essay touches on one we’ve all encountered: The Thought-Terminating Cliché.

There have been plenty of tragic outcomes this year due to lockdown mandates. But do the lockdowns actually do anything to lessen the fatality rate? Phil Magness has an astonishing list of 12 times the lockdowners were wrong and why we shouldn’t be so quick to blindly trust them.

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