12-23-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

When describing the opposing worldviews that are currently locked in a death struggle all around us, I much prefer to frame the conflict as being between the individual and the collective. Jeff Thomas has a thoughtful piece on whether collectivism is inevitable or whether liberty will ultimately win out.

I’ve always heard the word “populism” spoken with a trace of contempt, as if it was a distasteful, unsophisticated thing. Now I’m realizing that the ones who said it like that were the power-seekers and opportunist who think they are anointed to rule us. Art Carden says that 2020 was the year populism was right and the experts weren’t.

It’s traditional for sitting presidents to pardon a handful of individuals during the holidays. President Trump did just that yesterday. Unfortunately, he overlooked some of those who most deserve a pardon. And, as John Tamny explains, he could have really set some things right for anyone who has fought to keep their business open throughout this year.

If you need a reminder that it’s possible to find authentic peace, even in the worst of circumstances, here’s an ad for a candy bar that recalls the 1914 Christmas Truce of the First World War. If you can watch it without getting a lump in your throat, mister, you’re a lot tougher than me.

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