12-17-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Guest: Pete Sepp – President of National Tax Payers Union – (NTU) is the Voice of America’s Taxpayers, mobilizing elected officials and citizens on behalf of tax relief and reform – NTU.org.

* NTU Urges Passage of Covid-19 Relief Legislation – Brandon Arnold.

* In Lame Duck, Congress Should Avoid Shutdown and Pass Targeted COVID Relief.

* Lawmakers Should Reject $740 Billion Defense Bill. Wins and Losses for Taxpayers in the Latest Defense Policy Bill – Andrew Lautz.

* House Bill Would Reform Outdated, Expensive Court Records System.

* Three Surprising Facts About International Trade and Manufacturing – Bryan Riley.

* The U.S. Treasury Department has branded Vietnam and Switzerland as currency manipulators while putting China and nine other countries on a watch list in an annual report designed to halt countries from manipulating their currencies to gain unfair trade advantages.

* Top 1% saw wages soar by 160% since 1979 – USA Today.

* The National Restaurant Association issued a bleak warning in a letter to congressional leaders Monday, saying that with nearly 1 in 6 restaurants closed, the restaurant industry will crumble if it doesn’t receive any relief.

* Bitcoin Breaks $21,000 Hours After Reaching All-Time High of $20,000!

* Biden already orchestrating campaign against 2nd Amendment.

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