12-16-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

What does principled resistance to tyranny look like? I’m pretty sure it’s not burning, looting, spreading lies and threatening everyone around you. As Jon Miltimore explains, it looks more like the courageous gym owners in New Jersey who have stayed open in the face of official decrees and actions intended to shut them down.

It seems to be taking an unusually long time for the public to catch on to how they are being played by those in power. Joakim Book has some timely words of encouragement for those awaiting rescue from the madness.

In times of widespread groupthink, there is great need for wrongthinkers like you and me. Unfortunately, authoritarians are hard at work to stamp out independent thought at an early age. Annie Holmquist says it’s why thinking students rank last on the government school agenda.

The electoral sideshow has been on a lot of people’s minds this week. Did you realize that something historic happened with America’s electors on Monday? Andrea Widburg shares the details of something our mass media isn’t talking about.

Speaking of sore losers…(wink), professor Joseph Stiglitz is one of the sorest. No, he wasn’t backing Trump in the election. As Richard M. Ebeling explains, Stiglitz is a misguided and sore loser because he opposes liberty.

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