12-14-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

If you think the frustration being expressed by millions of Americans over the recent election is simply a matter of their candidate not being elected, think again. A Brit by the name of Paul Weston has summarized what’s really at stake here. And it’s one of the most accurate and unsettling takes I’ve seen.

When a friend asked for my reaction to the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the lawsuit filed by Texas last week, I replied that, no matter the outcome, I won’t be changing how I live my life. Caitlin Johnstone has my back on this approach with a reminder that we have no obligation to conform to a wildly sick society.

The anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition was just a few days ago. Jeffrey A. Tucker has a marvelous essay reminding us of how the “experts” of that day were very much on board with the necessity for prohibition. He also reminds us that they were very much wrong.

Paul Rosenberg’s latest column on recognizing and countering logical fallacies is out. This time around, he deconstructs the naturalistic fallacy–one that lovers of freedom are almost certain to encounter from pragmatists of all stripes.

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