11-6-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour two

One of the biggest takeaways of the lockdown approach to Covid-19 is that everyone is vulnerable when government determines which jobs are “essential” and which are not. Sam Bocetta makes a strong case for the free market when the consumer is sovereign.

The uncertainty that blankets America right now is uncomfortable for most of us. In a year that has moved most of us far beyond our comfort zone, it’s just one more degree of difficulty. Joseph Pearce has some much needed perspective about how what’s playing out before us is part of a much larger battle that has being going on forever. The current drama is not the crisis that we’re being led to believe it is.

The prospect of secession isn’t just a refuge for sore losers. As Jeff Deist explains, it’s a viable alternative to violence between two parties that have irreconcilable differences and little prospect of finding common ground.

When things are chaotic, our best bet is to return to our first principles to keep us on course. As James Bovard points out, our political leaders seem to struggle with this concept. They prefer to play the part of King Canute and claim power over nature that’s not really theirs to exercise.

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