11-26-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Live on Thanksgiving, The Liberty RoundTable Team to GiveThanks and Wish You a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

* Trump pardons Michael Flynn, Thanksgiving Turkeys but, Why Not Pardon Steve Stockman?

* Splitting 5 to 4, Supreme Court to New York: The Constitution Still Matters! People of faith were given something extra special to be thankful for late Thanksgiving Eve. With Justice Barrett casting the deciding vote, the Supreme Court issued a decision stopping New York Governor Andrew Cuomo from enforcing strict 10-person or 25-person limitations for attending religious services.

* America’s Socialist Origins – Was America once socialist? Surprisingly, yes. The early settlers who arrived at Plymouth and Jamestown in the early 1600s experimented with socialist communes. Did it work? History professor Larry Schweikart of the University of Dayton shares the fascinating story. PragerU is changing the minds of millions worldwide.

* Gov. William Bradford documented his experiences in an historic book titled ‘Bradford’s History of Plymouth Plantation, 1606-1646’.

* Wonder Why I’m Thankful in 2020? – Steven Mosher – POP.org.

* 400 Years Later and Now This – Mat Staver, LC Action Chairman LC.org.

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