11-22-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * Epstein Guard Offers To Cooperate With Prosecutors, Wants To Spill Details On Suicide.
  • * ‘Richard Jewell’ Review: Low-Key Clint Eastwood True Drama Belongs to His Canon of Misunderstood Heroes.
  • * Apple CEO Tim Cook and President Trump toured a Texas computer factory to tout US manufacturing.
  • * Pregnant Woman Uses AR-15 to Kill Home Intruder.
  • * Apple Joins Google, Facebook with Donation to Help Housing Crisis in California, Ups Ante to $2.5B.
  • * Comedian Joe Rogan Rips Trans Movement!
  • * Google has collected personal health info of millions of Americans for secret ‘Project Nightingale’.
  • * Franklin Graham defends Chick-fil-A: ‘Remains committed to Christian values’. Evangelist said he personally received assurances from CEO Dan Cathy.

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