11-18-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

The accusation of cult-like thinking used to be a pretty serious slight. But what happens when cultish behavior becomes a societal norm? Bretigne Schaffer has a thought-provoking letter to her future grandchildren that illustrates our situation perfectly.

There’s a technological game of whack-a-mole going on right now. What few people seem to realize is that we are the rodents and Silicon Valley is holding the mallet. Tim Hartnett has a fascinating essay on how Big Tech is using its influence to shape our access to the truth.

Defenders of the lockdown mentality have taken to shouting “SCIENCE!” with a fervor that would impress Thomas Dolby. Micha Gartz asks the question that has crossed many of our minds: Does science really demand that bars and restaurants close in order to keep us “safe”?

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