11-11-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Trump’s fiercest supporters are loathe to consider the possibility that he’ll be leaving office in January. Thomas L. Knapp has some very principled suggestions of what the president could do with his remaining time to burnish his legacy by hobbling leviathan.

Keeping government limited to its proper role is a challenge everywhere. Jason S. Reed explains how as an obese person, he is not a problem for government to solve. Likewise, coronavirus is not a government issue, it’s a personal medical issue.

When it comes to how the coronavirus should be handled, Benjamin Powell spells out the obvious: For better health and a stronger economy, authorities need to resist the urge to flex their power by locking us down.

If there’s a silver lining to the current election chaos we’re experiencing, it’s that the faith of government cultists is being shaken to its core. Alex R. Knight III has an excellent essay on how it’s getting harder to trust government and why that’s a good thing. (Alex will be my guest on Friday’s show)

The prospect of heavy-handed governance is growing by the day. Annie Holmquist has a perfect example of what homestyle civil disobedience might look like.

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