10-21-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Dr. Deborah Birx trying to get Dr. Scott Atlas removed from the White House coronavirus task force.

* Mother’s milk could help fight coronavirus, study finds – Some health authorities have warned that breastfeeding could spread COVID – WND.com.

* All computers are completely shut down’: Major US hospital chain hit by ransomware attack – ‘I would say things are as bad as they’ve ever been, worse.

* Big-data software got its start with CIA.

* Verizon scrambling to unload HuffPost as losses mount.

* ‘Irresponsible’ Eric Trump Slammed For High-Fiving, Shaking Hands With Maskless Voters.

* Nolte: Dianne Feinstein Busted Not Wearing Mask After Demanding Mask Mandate.

* Nolte: Whole Foods CEO Under Fire for Connecting American Obesity to Coronavirus Deaths.

* Fact Check: Joe Biden Says Obama-Biden Left Trump a Booming Economy and Trump Caused a Recession.

* Fox News tops broadcast networks for first time in 3rd quarter – Joe Concha.

* Elon Musk says humans need to move to Mars as Sun will one day engulf Earth – Harry Pettit.

* CNN audience to see ‘reality of life in the womb’ Emotional ad featuring young girl begins with 4D ultrasound – Art Moore.

* Mat Staver: my team has seen a photo, too graphic to describe here, involving what appears to be Hunter with a pre-teen girl and drugs.

* In addition to corrupt dealings of 1.5B dollars with the Chinese Communist Party and three other governments, Hunter Biden was also apparently involved in negotiations with JP Morgan, Henniges Automotive, and many other businesses. He used Air Force Two as his transportation and an ambassador’s office as his headquarters.

* Project Veritas released a video of a high-level executive discussing the one-sided censorship within Google. Right now, 90% of desktop searches are made through Google, which equals about 3.5B searches every day.

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