10-15-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 2

I just got my ballot in the mail yesterday. I’m planning on voting but I know I can’t be the only one wondering what we can do to get a reasonably honest election this time around.

There’s a lot of emphasis on political polls right now and it leaves a person wondering how accurate they might be. After all, remember when Hillary was absolutely dominating in the polls, right up until she lost the election? W. Joseph Campbell has compiled an exceptional catalog of American polling failures.

The word “democracy” is still being thrown around as a catch-all for what we should aspire to. Jacob Hornberger reminds us that what we call democracy–electing public officials–is not the same thing as freedom.

Second Amendment advocates could learn a lot from tech reformers. How so? Philip Reboli says, make the right to keep and bear arms a populist issue.

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