10-14-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hour 1

Here’s an interesting thought: Should traffic ticket fines be based on your tax returns? Apparently some folks are floating this idea. Daniel J. Mitchell has a fascinating take on class warfare and traffic fines.

So much focus is on national politics right now. Don’t forget to stay engaged at the local level. Otherwise local officials might be tempted to go after 9 year old girls for building a tree house.

2020 has been a mixed blessing in some ways. Case in point, politicians have been too busy flexing over a virus to push for what they call “common sense” gun control. Plus several million people have purchased guns and pretty much all the ammo. Mark W. Smith has a few thoughts about the life-saving role of the firearm in personal protection.

One of the more interesting political obsessions you’re likely to encounter is the funding-conspiracy-theorist. These are people who are certain that everything they don’t like is being funded by billionaires like George Soros or Charles Koch. Joakim Book has a great take on how this distraction can take us away from the real issues at hand.

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