1-5-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Rep. Chris Stewart Joins Burgess Owens Both of Utah, Will not vote to certify the presidential election results.

* Mike Lee recognizes Joe Biden as President-elect, Mitt Romney urges President Trump to move on.

* Sen. Romney calls move by 11 senators to reject electors an egregious ploy.

* Guest: Patrick Semmens – National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation – RightToWork.org.

* Please Support The National Right To Work Act! – Believe it or not, It’s A Single Page Bill!

* Reject The Pro Act!

* Biden Cancels Inauguration Parade. Joe won’t get a traditional inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue after he takes the oath of office, but he will get a presidential escort to the White House.

* In a demonstration of political correctness run amok, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) offered the opening prayer of the 117th Congress on Sunday — ending the invocation with “amen and a-woman.”

* Klayman: I Will Sue The “Communist News Network” CNN Until It Is Put Out of Business: A Vile Piece of Trash!

* The federal government released new dietary guidelines for Americans of all ages that rejected scientists’ recommendation to lower the suggested amount of sugar and alcohol consumed in a day.

* Should Utah get rid of conceal carry permits? Rep. Walt Brooks (R-St. George) thinks so, He doesn’t agree with the current law. H.B. 60 Will make Utah The Next Constitutional Carry State.

* Asian parents revolt over end of meritocracy in California – ‘First you blame white people, now you blame us?’.

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