1-20-2021 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* I, Sam Bushman, Will Not Deny the Christ!

* Inauguration Day: Under God, One Nation – Craig DeRoche, Family Policy Alliance.

* Trump’s Farewell Address: ‘The Movement We Started Is Only Just Beginning’.

* Will Trump create a new political third party? The name of the party would be the “Patriot Party,” – WSJ.

* Biden to sign a dozen executive orders on day one in office — reverse Trump’s travel ban, rejoin Paris Agreement.

* Biden Plan Gives 11 Million a Path to US Citizenship.

* Thousands marching in migrant caravan to US – demand Biden administration ‘honor its commitments’ – Videos show clashes between the caravan and border security officers.

* Dumped: Sidney Powell releases her ‘Kraken’ suit – Drops legal action less than 24 hours before Biden’s inauguration – Joe Kovacs.

* Lawyer Sidney Powell voluntarily dropped a lawsuit she previously described as “biblical,” alleging votes cast for President Donald Trump in Georgia were illegally switched to Joe Biden.

* Clinton, Pelosi float conspiracy theory that Trump and Putin worked together to plan the Capitol riot – TheBlaze.com.

* ‘The mob was fed lies’: McConnell says Trump ‘provoked’ Capitol riot.

* Twitter won’t let Joe Biden inherit Trump’s millions of followers and his team is very upset.

* Climate ‘Nerve Center’ in Biden White House – NYT. Biden will bring with him the largest team of climate change experts ever assembled in the White House.

* Spike Lee Compares Trump Voters to ‘Nazis’ and ‘Slave Owners’ – American Update.

* NRA files for bankruptcy, seeking to leave New York and reincorporate in Texas.

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