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WallBuilders Live! with David Barton, Tim Barton and Rick Green is a daily journey into the past to capture the ideas of the Founding Fathers of America and then apply them to the major issues of today. Featured guests will include Congressmen, Senators,

By Tim Barton



Israeli Hostages Return, Progressive DAs Recalled and Creationism in Schools - on Good News Friday!

December 01, 2023

It’s time to look at good news articles from David and Tim’s stack. Fighting slows down in Israel and hostages return home. In California, there a recall efforts over progressive district attorneys. InEugene Oregon, after hard drug use was legalized, city


The Gospel in School, Influencing Representatives and Former Presidents on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

November 30, 2023

Its time to dive into questions from the audience here on Foundations of Freedom Thursday! Are public school students allowed to share the gospel? How do you reach out to legislators and those in congress and how we can make a change for the better. Coul


Journey to America's Past: The Impact of Faith on Our Founding Principles

November 29, 2023

Are you ready to journey into the past and explore the fascinating intersection of faith, culture, and the founding of America? Your guide will be David Barton, as we take a deep dive into the contrasting approaches to governance of the Jamestown and Plym


From Education to Witch Trials: Early America and The Deep Impact of the Pilgrims and Puritans

November 28, 2023

Ever wondered how the principles instilled by the Pilgrims and Puritans have shaped America's government, economy, and education system? Prepare to embark on a historical journey as we uncover the profound impact these early settlers had on the count


Challenging Historical Narratives: Jamestown, Plymouth, and the Role of Faith in Early America

November 27, 2023

Ready to question what you thought you knew about the early settlements in America? Join us as we delve into the contrasting tales of Jamestown and Plymouth. We challenge the claims of the 1619 and the reality of slavery in America's early days, and


Untold Tales of the Pilgrims: Faith, Alliances, and the Birth of Christianity in America

November 24, 2023

Have you ever wondered about the untold stories of the Pilgrims? How their faith fueled their relationships, and how their first prayer meeting laid the foundation for Christianity in America? Join us on WallBuilders as we journey through the unheard tale


Pilgrims' Journey: Faith, Native Relationships and the Dawn of Enterprise in America

November 23, 2023

Ever wondered how the first Thanksgiving celebration came to be? Join us as we traverse the sands of time to explore the profound faith and history of the pilgrims in America. This journey is one marked by undying faith, unyielding perseverance and an int


The Pilgrims' Journey to America: Exploring Their Impact on Religious Liberty

November 22, 2023

Are you yearning to venture back in time and uncover the riveting story of the pilgrims' perilous journey to America? Let's journey back together, as we explore the profound impact of these pioneers on the shaping of American values - religious


The Origins of Thanksgiving: Faith, Founding Principles and America's Forgotten History

November 21, 2023

We've got an enlightening journey to embark upon, folks! With the insightful Tim Barton as our guide, we're all set to unravel the gripping history and significance of Thanksgiving in America. Unearthing the foundation of this cherished festival


Faith in Action: Igniting the Christian Vote and Building Christian Networks for Positive Change

November 20, 2023

This episode offers an enriching journey into the nexus of faith and politics, guided by our esteemed guest, Chad Connelly of Faith Wins. A seasoned advocate and a passionate believer, Chad shares his experiences traveling with David and Cheryl Barton, th


Bad Policies Fail to Succeed - on Good News Friday

November 17, 2023

Today, on this Good News Friday, well look at some news stories the major media doesnt report. Soros-backed DA candidates were voted out in Virginia elections. Representative Rashida Tlaib is censured by the house for defending Hamas. Overall support fo


Citizenship Education in Upholding American Principles - on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

November 16, 2023

Its time to dive into some listener questions today on this Foundations of Freedom Thursday! Could Joe Biden be impeached for incompetency? Is it true that several states are removing Trump from the ballot? And looking at immigration, are there any citiz


Engaging in Civic Duties Amidst Potential Fraud: A Discussion on Ballot Harvesting

November 15, 2023

Ever wondered how regulations around ballot harvesting affect electoral outcomes? We're peeling back the layers on this controversial topic, tackling the delicate balance of using the tools that are available while pushing to remove ballot harvesting


Building On The American Heritage Series - Politics in the Pulpit

November 14, 2023

Are you ready to challenge conventional narratives of American history? We're shaking historical foundations by illuminating the significant role pastors held during the American Revolution. Their influence was so profound, it guided key players like


Dissecting Climate Change: A Conversation with William Happer

November 13, 2023

Ever wondered how the Bible, historical context, and constitutional principles intersect with hot-button issues like climate change? Get ready for an eye-opening discussion as we welcome our esteemed guest, Professor William Happer, a professor emeritus o


Life, Marriage, Christianity and Israel - on Good News Friday

November 10, 2023

Good News Friday is our time to look at news stories that the major media doesnt report. Adult stem cell research continues to prove results over embryonic stem cell research. In Missouri, a referendum ballot initiative protects the unborn against late


Manifest Destiny, Women in the Draft and January 6th - on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

November 09, 2023

Foundations of Freedom Thursday means we get to take time today to answer Listener Questions- What is meant by Manifest Destiny? If there is a draft in the future, would women be included in the draft? What new information is there on January 6th?Ready


Bringing Back the Power of the One-Room Schoolhouse and Agriculture in Education - with Dennita Miskimen

November 08, 2023

Imagine journeying back in time to explore the foundations of good education - that's precisely what we'll be doing today. We'll be scrutinizing the progressive education movement of the 1920s and discussing how one-room schoolhouses and co


Global Governance vs Biblical Law with Michele Bachmann

November 07, 2023

Could you imagine a world where a foreign entity has the power to make decisions on our behalf? In our latest episode, former Congresswoman, Michele Bachmann, sheds light on the dangerous potential of handing our sovereignty over to the World Health Organ


Securing our Economy with Gold and Silver and Defending Against Economic Warfare: A Discussion with Kevin Freeman

November 06, 2023

Ever wondered what the intersection of faith and economic warfare looks like? Join us, as we delve into a fascinating conversation with Kevin Freeman, where we explore this less trodden path. We unpack the richness of American history, the unparalleled fr


Geopolitics, Spiritual Revival, and Cultural Restoration - on Good News Friday

November 03, 2023

Today is Good News Friday, so that means well get to work through David and Tims stack of good news articles. In Loudoun County Virginia, parents put their foot down against public education and get a new Christian school started. The US is beginning to


From Hammurabi to Cities and Country - on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

November 02, 2023

Today is Foundations of Freedom Thursday, which means well take the time to answer listener questions on the air- If the Code of Hammurabi was not discovered until the 1900s why is there an image of him in the congressional chamber? Why do cities and co


The Role of Faith in Shaping America: An Insightful Dialogue with John Cooper

November 01, 2023

Standing at the crossroads of culture and faith, we are joined by John Cooper, a rock musician turned cultural commentator. John has transformed from being known solely for his music to being recognized for his cultural commentary. A voice of reason in a


Quoting Scripture and the School Board: Heather Rooks' Fight for Religious Freedom

October 31, 2023

Can you imagine being silenced for quoting a Bible verse during a public meeting? That's the shocking circumstance that Heather Rooks, a school board member, found herself in. Joined by Andy Gould from First Liberty, we pull back the curtain on the h


Decoding Middle East Tensions: Rudy Atallah's insights on the Israel-Hamas War

October 30, 2023

Prepare for an enlightening journey featuring our guest, Rudy Atallah, the driving force behind the Nazarene Fund. Rudy, with his military background and profound understanding of Middle Eastern dynamics, dissects the escalating conflict between Hamas and


Higher Education and Better Options Plus Homeschooling to the Rescue - on Good News Friday!

October 27, 2023

Welcome to Good News Friday! Today were going to look at David and Tims stack of good news articles of stories the major media doesnt report. First up- Hamas supporters are not being recognized or accepted in universities. After that, we look at a Germ


The Making of a Speaker: Mike Johnson's Commitment to Conservative Values

October 26, 2023

Ever found yourself wondering what it takes to be at the helm of the House of Representatives? Join us as we delve into the story of Mike Johnson, the newly crowned Speaker of the House. Johnson's journey from Liberty University to the corridors of t


Christin Bentley on the Despicable Content in School Libraries

October 25, 2023

Are you curious about how to navigate age-appropriate content in school libraries in our relativistic culture? Join us as we untangle the complexities of aligning the content in school libraries with an absolute moral standard. We'll discuss how the


Navigating Faith, Homeschooling and Entertainment: An Engaging Conversation with Sam Sorbo

October 24, 2023

Curious about how movie-making could foster faith and education? Prepare yourself for an insightful conversation with Sam Sorbo as she spotlights the intersection of Christian values, homeschooling, and entertainment. As we traverse hot topics such as the


The Crucial Role of Churches in Society: A Discussion with Neil Mammen

October 23, 2023

Wouldn't you love to be able to identify a church that not only cherishes biblical principles but also has a sound cultural and political awareness? Join us as we engage Neil Mammen in a riveting conversation about his personal journey from a Marxist


Foundations of Freedom, A Revealing Conversation with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Laws, part 2

October 20, 2023

Welcome to a riveting exploration into the heart of our republic with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and historian David Barton. We're about to embark on a journey through time to examine the concept of jurisdiction, a fundamental pillar in our socie


Foundations of Freedom, A Revealing Conversation with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Laws

October 19, 2023

We're embarking on an enlightening journey through the vast intersections of faith, culture, law, and government. Promising a rich discourse, we're joined by our special guest, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. As we traverse this discourse, we&ap


A look at Geopolitics in the Middle East and a Response to Vivek Ramaswamy, with Krish Dhanam

October 18, 2023

We invite you to embark on a journey where faith and culture intersect with geopolitics. We're excited to bring you the insights and experience of our remarkable guest, Krish Dhanam. With a wealth of travel experiences and a profound understanding of


Pulling Back the Curtain: An In-depth Analysis of the Israel-Hamas war with Omer Eshel

October 17, 2023

Who's really pulling the strings in the heart-wrenching Israel-Hamas war? Our dear friend and Israeli citizen, Omer Eshel, joins us to debunk common misconceptions and shed light on the ground over realities of this complex situation - from brainwash


Congressman Loudermilk's Insight into The January 6th Investigation

October 16, 2023

Hold onto your seats as we dive deep into political waters with Congressman Barry Loudermilk. Unravel the complexities of the January 6th investigation, as we discuss his role in steering a subcommittee that examines mishandling of the investigation. Cong


Woke Policies are Failing on Good News Friday!

October 13, 2023

Today is Good News Friday, which means well be working through David and Tims stack of Good News articles. First one is about a girl who was persuaded by her school counselor to consider herself to be a boy. She won a lawsuit against the school, sending


Israel at a Crossroads: Rabbi Lapin's Perspective on the Crisis in Israel and the Global Implications

October 12, 2023

In the heat of the crisis unfolding in Israel, the situation is far more complex than it appears. You'll get a chance to hear first-hand from Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who is on the ground in Israel, providing us with an update on this tragic situation. Un


Dr. Rick Scarborough's Take on Cultural Shifts, Religious Freedom and Spiritual Revival

October 11, 2023

Culture shift, religious liberty, and the future of America - we're tackling these important topics in our latest episode, featuring the engaging Dr. Rick Scarborough. As we navigate the often turbulent waters of modern politics and religion, we unve


Breaking Boundaries: An Historic Church's Ongoing Battle Over Their Property

October 10, 2023

Do you know the real story behind Juneteenth or the true essence of the 13th amendment's role in ending slavery? Join us as we debunk popular misconceptions and highlight the unfortunate reality of information control. We dive into how the spread of


Decoding the Impact of Soros-Funded DAs: A Biblical Perspective on Crime, Punishment, and Community Engagement

October 09, 2023

Dare to explore the reality of our justice system? This episode takes you deep into the impact of Soros-funded District Attorneys - their policies, motivations, and the devastating consequences on our communities. Alongside Zack Smith from the Heritage Fo


Journeying Through Church Steadfastness and Educational Freedom on Good News Friday

October 06, 2023

Today is Good News Friday which means more of David and Tims good news stories that the media doesnt report! Surveys reveal that mainstream protestant denominations continue to have a solid biblical foundation among the congregation, despite some church


Empowering Involvement on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

October 05, 2023

Today is Foundations of Freedom Thursday, which means well address some listener questions- What can young people who are interested in impacting politics and the culture do to make a difference? What can be done to get the church more involved in the pr


Running to the Roar: A Deep Dive into Historical Revivals and Their Relevance Today

October 04, 2023

Get ready to ignite your understanding of truth as we take you on a journey through historical revivals. In this exploration, we unearth the profound relevance revivals have in today's context and the crucial role the Bible plays as a guiding light. 


Running to the Roar: Lessons from the American Revolution and Community Engagement

October 03, 2023

Can the strength of a community truly shape the course of a nation? Brace yourself to unravel the power of local engagement as we journey back to the American Revolution. Our discussion brings to light the pivotal role local communities played in the war


Running to the Roar: Drawing Courage from Biblical Lessons amid Social Challenges

October 02, 2023

Ever wondered why the lion, a creature frequently mentioned in the Bible, roars so powerfully? What if I told you that by running towards this terrifying roar, rather than away from it, we can discover true safety? Prepare to be challenged as we unpack th


The Truth Will Win - on Good News Friday!

September 29, 2023

Today is Good News Friday, which means well be working through David and Tims stack of Good News Articles. The Dallas Mayor has switched to Republican, and he continues to bring the crime level down in the city. In Florida, Dr. John Littell who advocate


Slavery, Privacy and Misdemeanors - on Foundations of Freedom Thursday

September 28, 2023

Today is Foundations of Freedom Thursday, which means we'll focus on questions from our audience. Did the founders plan to remove slavery gradually over time? Why did the founding fathers not clearly spell out the right to privacy in the constitution


Shaping the Fate of the Free World - Our Role and Responsibility

September 27, 2023

Eager to understand the roots of America and the ideals it stands for? Let's embark on an enlightening journey as we explore the significance of these in the contemporary world. We introduce you to Rick Green’s new talk show, The Tavern, where we eng


Engaging Conversations, "What is it?" Living Waters new Pro Life Movie, with Mark Spence

September 26, 2023

Looking to sharpen your skills of debate and gain insight into the power of apologetics? You're at the right place. We're joined by the insightful Mark Spence from Living Waters, ready to unpack the importance of asking questions to engage in me


A Political Firestorm: Senator Phil King's Perspective on the Paxton Impeachment Trial

September 25, 2023

Imagine being a fly on the wall during one of the most riveting impeachment trials in Texas history. In our latest episode, we have the privilege of unpacking this historic event with a man who was in the eye of the storm—Texas State Senator Phil King. He


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