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2023 Feb 3 The Bryan Hyde Show

February 03, 2023

Understanding the difference between education and schooling is essential. Annie Holmquist has a great essay on education discipleship and how it can fix the mess made by our public schools.

The current attempts to rewrite American history with a Marxist slant are intensifying. James Bovard explains how the 1619 Project has teamed up with Hulu to vilify the founders and the reasons for the American revolution.

The plans to implement a new digital dollar have been in the works for most of the past year. Justin Haskins spells out why a new digital currency may pose a major threat to liberty.

Could you survive a famine? This may seem like a disturbing topic but the information contained in this article is worth having in your skillset.


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2023 Feb 2 The Bryan Hyde Show

February 02, 2023

In human interactions, there are only a limited number of ways to get what you want. Art Carden lists four of those ways and explains why the ones involving force are the worst possible ways.

Those of us who have spent decades trying to restore and protect the principles and practices of liberty know that there is no silver bullet strategy that will turn the tide. Ammon Bundy acknowledges this reality and suggests that uniting and bringing people together is the only thing that works.

It’s shocking how far people will go to avoid having to acknowledge an unpleasant truth. Todd Hayen warns, don’t get smug, it’s something we’re all susceptible to doing for fear of inconvenience.

Want to be a better parent? Join the club. Peter Jacobsen has 3 rules of rational parenting that are derived from good economics and it’s pretty solid advice.

Licensing can best be described as when someone in authority takes away your right to do something and then sells it back to you. Eric Peters lays out the dangers of licensing.


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2023 Feb 1 The Bryan Hyde Show

February 01, 2023

The weaponization of the US Dept. of Justice is pretty unsettling. Sarah Weaver joins me to talk about a pro-life pastor who was raided by the FBI, arrested and charged with obstructing access to an abortion clinic. Thankfully, a jury acquitted him last week.

It’s hard to tell is “Dilbert” creator Scott Adams is being sincere or facetious when he apologizes for being pro-jab. Robin Koerner uses Adams’ experience to illustrate how the “unvaccinated” got it right.

Politicians have a bad habit of using words that don’t exactly convey their authentic meaning. Thomas L. Knapp explains how “constitutional carry” doesn’t actually mean what most us think it means.

The Marxist worldview has taken hold in a surprising number of our institutions. Annie Holmquist says children are the ticket out of this mindset.

More and more, James Howard Kunstler’s columns are like a high potency reality supplement for those of us who prefer life without sedation. His latest one on the war against us is worth the read.


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2023 Jan 31 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 31, 2023

It’s our weekly check in with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. There’s a lot going on in our world and Eric is a welcome voice of reason in helping to make sense of it all.

Despite their vehement denials, proponents of Marxism are very active in many of our institutions today. Paul Rosenberg has a timely definition of one of the favorite targets of Marxists–the bourgeois–and why we should be proud to be called such.

If you’re serious about understanding the situation in which we find ourselves today, it’s essential to have a grasp of what led us here. The Good Citizen has compiled a wonderful primer of 101 steps to enslave humanity (part one is 1-56) and it fills in a lot of the blanks for those who wish to know.

Is it better to rule a corrupted system or to be ruled by a corrupted system? Josiah Lippincott says the answer is neither. He lays out our political situation and says the words we must live by are: We will not submit.


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2023 Jan 30 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 30, 2023

It’s a shame to see Reader’s Digest jumping on the bandwagon to clamor for gun control. David Codrea does a great job of dismantling their demands for “commonsense gun control” that would leave only the ruling class armed.

You may not own or even want a pistol brace but you still have a stake in the matter, nonetheless. D. Parker explains why the ATF’s new pistol brace rule is nothing more than a cluster of enforcement traps.

Parables are a wonderful thing. They can speak to many people on many different levels of understanding. Robert E. Wright has a marvelous parable that tackles the age-old question: Who will build the roads?

The obstacles that stand in the way of claiming our freedom are significant. Before you lose hope, consider Barry Brownstein’s latest essay on how obstacles to freedom can become the way to freedom.

The ideological takeover of America’s newsrooms has brought us to a state of constant psychological warfare. David James has an informative take on the grim future of establishment journalism.


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2023 Jan 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 27, 2023

This may not strike an heroic chord with some folks but the Utah doctor who helped parents to free their kids from vax mandates is a stand up guy. Jordan Schachtel explains why the feds are wrong to be prosecuting him.

Like it or not, your leadership is sorely needed right now. Dan Sanchez spells out the 3 levels of leadership that Leonard E. Read identified and how each of them impacts the people around you.

It’s not name-calling to note that a great many people were brainwashed into accepting medical tyranny. Jessica Marie Baumgartner has a great take on forgiving the medically brainwashed in the post-covid era.

A Pfizer exec caught on video discussing the company’s interest in mutating the virus to keep the vaccine cash cow alive should be pretty big news, right? So why aren’t corporate media outlets talking about this?

Speaking of cash cows, the U.S. military industrial complex is starting to look like the enormous grift that it is. The Z-man has some unpopular truths to share about a great boondoggle that’s been around for most of our lifetimes.


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2023 Jan 26 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 26, 2023

Seven years ago today, LaVoy Finicum’s life was unjustly taken. I had the privilege of getting to know this champion of freedom personally in the year prior to his death.

A few years ago, Jeffrey A. Tucker was hauled into traffic court. His article on how to steal $75,000 from the poor is quite eye-opening. Law and order types will want to take their blood pressure meds before hearing this one.

One of the biggest selling points of the free market is that people are free to take their business elsewhere. Jen Maffessanti lays out what consumer sovereignty is and why customers are the boss.

“Who will build the roads?” is a common refrain when people are justifying the need for the state. Thomas Walker-Werth explains how government road-building killed innovation in transportation.

Heaven help the brave souls who will not bend the knee to Alphabet Mafia. Ivan Provorov is one who stood fast in his faith by refusing to don a rainbow hockey jersey. And he’s paying a price for staying true to his beliefs.


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2023 Jan 25 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 25, 2023

Keeping your bearings during the current upheaval can be a challenge. Find the time to take a look at Jim Quinn’s latest analysis on our Fourth Turning is combining with mass formation psychosis.

This won’t be good news for everyone but for those of us who have worked to protect our freedom from the covid fear-mongers, it’s encouraging. Robert Blumen says the game is over and they have lost.

It’s clear that many people are finally awakening to what is being done to us. James Howard Kunstler calls it the end of reality consensus disorder.

The advent of AI is set to change our world in big ways. Walker Larson explains what writing is and why we misunderstand the importance of the coming of ChatGPT.

When it comes to describing Congress and its efforts to raise the debt ceiling, the Babylon Bee said it best. Their headline stated: Congress debates how to raise the theft ceiling. Ron Paul breaks down the debt ceiling hysteria and hypocrisy.


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2023 Jan 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 24, 2023

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos drops in for another of our regular Tuesday therapy sessions. If you’re in need of a healthy dose of rationality, Eric always delivers.

Hindsight is always helpful in connecting the dots we couldn’t see when things were going sideways. Huck Davenport reminds us that time has shown that the ‘paranoid’ people were correct about covid.

We all can use a good pep talk from time to time. John Green has a very timely essay on how we are not victims unless we choose to be.

Sometimes it feels as though it’s getting harder to find people who are still serious about seeking truth. Aletheia Hitz says truth is more than propositional. It’s not just what we say but how we say it that matters.


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2023 Jan 23 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 23, 2023

As a member of Gen X, one of the biggest generational shifts in my lifetime is the shift from personal to positional morality. Robin Koerner explains how seeking to control others rather than yourself is changing our society.

Is it true that only a moral people can be free? Paul Rosenberg’s take on this question is worth considering.

Trying to persuade your fellow countrymen that right and wrong still exist, is a battle few are willing to fight. Anthony Esolen notes that a massive effort at moral rebuilding is necessary and needs to start sooner than later.

Free speech matters more than we might think. Julian Adorney and Mark Johnson say that the opponents of free speech are gaining ground and we need to fight back.

The regulatory state is more dangerous than you think. Robert E. Wright provides some powerful insight into how the power to regulate is the power to control.

Few things will stop our personal success in its tracks like a victim mindset. Mark Johnson has an interesting solution as he teaches how to cultivate an internal locus of control that puts you in charge of your life.


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2023 Jan 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 20, 2023

The divisions throughout society are mighty deep. Jack Gleason has some timely advice for effectively communicating with brainwashed friends and family.

The public’s trust issues with the medical establishment are not without merit. And when the medical establishment tells us that belief in freedom is bad for us, it doesn’t make things any better.

Maybe it’s the current lack of unspun news that makes truth so important to those of us who treasure it. Mark Creech lays out what it means to love the truth in a time when falsehood is king.

Now that mainstream media outlets are admitting that there may be justifiable concerns over covid vaccine side effects, there are a couple of questions we need to be asking. Kit Knightly says those questions are: “Why this and why now?

When the president starts bloviating about how “no one needs an AR-15” it’s tempting to wonder what exactly has been keeping him up at night. Charles C.W. Cooke skillfully disarms Biden’s most grotesque gun control argument.


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2023 Jan 19 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 19, 2023

There seems to be growing darkness in almost any direction we turn right now. Larry Alton describes why if there was ever a time to remember why families are more important than ever, this is it.

After the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, the right to keep and bear arms has been on pretty solid ground. Then along comes the ATF and with a simple rule change, law abiding citizens face being transformed into criminals overnight.

Practical skills are good to have and philosophy counts as a practical skill, especially in times of confusion and disinformation. Aletheia Hitz has a strong argument for why we should study philosophy.

The systems that seek to rule us work very hard to convince us that they alone can fix our inadequacies. And a surprising number of people will defend those systems to the bitter end. George Ford Smith explains how political salvation is slow suicide.

The past 3 years have shown us that medical tyranny is not simply a dystopian conspiracy theory. Paul Craig Roberts shares how in his lifetime, he has witnessed the death of independent medicine and fair trials.


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2023 Jan 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 18, 2023

The idea that taxation is theft seems pretty obvious to anyone who understands the nature of the state. Jeff Thomas has a relatable explanation that will likely convince even those who want to assure the state that they love it.

Anyone who is aware of the World Economic Forum can see that there’s serious mischief afoot. J.B. Shurk has a terrific essay on what’s going on and how a revolution in the minds of the people will be necessary to stop the WEF.

Holding the right people accountable for the covid disaster is going to require swimming against the tide. James Howard Kunstler explains what that might look like and why we need testimony, not documents, to get to the truth.

The pressure to normalize the word games of the pronoun gang is pervasive and intense. Check out this short video of a guy explaining how it’s a form of manipulation disguising itself as manners.

Few people have been more willing to speak truth to power and suffer the wrath of those in power than Ammon Bundy. He’s a controversial figure to some but you should take the time to read his letter to the Idaho officials who are ruthlessly seeking to destroy him.


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2023 Jan 17 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 17, 2023

Tuesdays are always a treat as my friend Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos stops by to chat about what’s happening. His latest take on corporate shills and mercenaryism is worth hearing.

Can you sense the shift in the attitude of the ruling class? They’re frightened and maybe with good reason. James Howard Kunstler notes the glug glug, gurgle gurgle sounds that may indicate the ship of state is in trouble.

Assuming that you’re getting yourself squared away for tougher times, here’s a piece of knowledge that should serve you well. Milan Adams explains why the gray man strategy of not drawing attention to yourself is something worth knowing.

Most of the solutions to our needs can be met locally, if we’re willing to work and coordinate with others. Christine Black describes what a local alternative is really like when it comes to butchering and packing your own meat.


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2023 Jan 16 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 16, 2023

Being able to think rationally in a time when everything is in commotion is a kind of superpower. Todd Hayen has a marvelous article on why “right or wrong, I am sticking with what I believe” is a dangerous way to to think.

None of us wants to believe that we are helping to bring about tyranny but the fact is, sometimes we are. Barry Brownstein’s latest is a must read as he describes how individuals enable tyranny.

We live in a time when authentic heroes are being systematically erased from the public’s memory. Lawrence W. Reed explains why heroes matter–and now more than ever.

Some solutions seem too simple to be true. For instance, a return to basic moral and ethical principles is vital to the survival of a healthy society. Uldis Sprogis spells out how this simple truth applies to our society today.

If the powers that be are serious about implementing a central bank digital currency (CBDC), they must first outlaw any competing cryptocurrency. Paul Rosenberg says the claims that crypto mining is a danger to the environment are part of that effort to seize control of cryptocurrency.


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2023 Jan 11 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 11, 2023

If the founders gave us a government for a moral people, what happens when we stop being moral? Joe Strader points out that we face a moral conundrum in the coming ideological battle.

It may seem too simple to be true but the best way to effect change in the world is to start with ourselves. Annie Holmquist reveals how good government starts in our marriages, our minds and our communities.

James Bovard is one of my favorite writers because he seamlessly combines penetrating insights with razor sharp wit. Check out this collection of his best pandemic potshots and other epigrams.

Like the old t-shirt used to say: Hard work fascinates me, I could watch it for hours. Stephen Whitney has a thoughtful take on finding the value in hard work.

Brandon Smith has an eye-opening article on how the digitization of humanity shows why the globalist agenda is evil. It might sound like a tinfoil hat conspiracy, if it weren’t coming from the mouths of World Economic Forum members themselves.


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2023 Jan 10 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 10, 2023

It’s our weekly visit with Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos. We discuss the WEF’s war on rurality and how personal secession is the key to extricating yourself from the systems trying to subjugate us.

Have you noticed how the only absolute we’re still allowed to believe in is that there are no absolutes. Paul Rosenberg explains how if there’s life and death, there’s right and wrong.

Some will find this very hard to consider but there are clear parallels between the last days of the Weimar Republic and where we are culturally today. Check out this Twitter thread that connects some of the dots between abandoning reality/morality and serious societal decline.

Now that Jan 6 has come and gone, it’s time to state a very uncomfortable truth: There was a coup but it wasn’t carried out by the so-called “insurrectionists.” John Dale Dunn asks, what if there was a real coup and nobody noticed?


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2023 Jan 9 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 09, 2023

Even though most of us have heard of the FTX cryptocurrency fiasco, we’d be hard pressed to explain exactly what happened. Paul Rosenberg has a brilliant synopsis of the FTX heist, in brief. Definitely worth a read.

Some things are worth defending, no matter how hopeless it may seem at the moment. Jay Davidson reminds us that before can defend our society, we must know ourselves. That means knowing what came before us.

Do you still trust your doctor like you did before covid? Many of us are struggling with trust issues based on what we’ve experienced. James Howard Kunstler says we need to see some sincere repentance by the medical community.

The hard economic reality is that we cannot stop the crash/reset that is headed our way. However, as Brandon Smith explains, there may be a way to create a parallel economies that will allow us to abandon the doomed systems.

Do you ever struggle with the thought that life is meaningless? Todd Hayen has an interesting take on a meaningless life and why there may be dark forces that are trying to make us feel that way.

You don’t have to be a fanboy of Dr. Jordan Peterson to understand why he enjoys such broad appeal. His refusal to bend the knee to the woke has some members of officialdom calling for Peterson’s re-education. Their threats are really a warning to the rest of us.


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2023 Jan 6 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 06, 2023

Two positive things happened in my home state of Idaho yesterday. As Brian Almon explains there were victories for life and for liberty. My dear friend Ice Cube would put it thusly, “I got to say it was a good day.”

We’re about to learn for ourselves that, while history doesn’t exactly repeat itself, it sometimes rhymes. Doug Casey has a marvelous breakdown of the parallels between the decline of imperial Rome and the decline of the U.S.

Will you be a victim or truth warrior during 2023? Dr. Robert Malone has 3 clear suggestions for things each of us can and should be doing.

Dr. Jordan Peterson is being told he must submit to “mandatory social media communication retraining” or he’ll lose his license to teach or practice psychology. Dr. Peter McCullough has the details on Peterson being accused of heresy by the Ontario College of Psychologists.

It’s hard to imagine anyone still being unable to see what’s happening to our nation without sensing that something is terribly wrong. D. Parker explores the question of how to defy the fascist far left in their plans to destroy the U.S.

Those who despise liberty have made great strides in the past 3 years. Michael Lesher wonders, where have the voices for liberty gone?


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2023 Jan 5 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 05, 2023

Part of me wishes I’d paid closer attention when my grandparents talked about living through the Great Depression. Klark Barnes makes a convincing case that we’re going to need to learn how to deal with depression-era living.

No matter how serious things might get, keeping a sense of humor is essential. Joshua Glawson explains how comedy, laughter and humor can improve your life.

Becoming an independent thinker is an essential skill where fact-checkers and algorithms are constantly trying to shape your opinions. As Annie Holmquist points out, raising independent thinkers who pursue the truth is another duty we should take seriously.

One of the toughest things we’ll ever do is to develop the mental toughness to navigate our way through a dangerous, uncertain world. J.B. Shurk’s latest essay urges us to resolve to be undefeated. And he has some terrific advice.

Why does the conservative movement struggle to remain relevant? The Z-man doesn’t pull any punches in answering that question. He explains how they are willing accomplices in their own demise.


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2023 Jan 4 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 04, 2023

When NFL player Damar Hamlin collapsed on national television Monday night, the pucker factor increased for the mRNA narrative managers. As Alex Berenson explains, we may not know the cause of his cardiac arrest, but we can’t help but wonder.

It’s actually reassuring to see the US House of Representatives fail to elect a speaker for the first time in 100 years. James Howard Kunstler lays out the shift we’re seeing and the prospect of the questions and answers we’ll be hearing.

Why is education such a battle ground throughout the country? Leftists have been working overtime to seize control of the education system at every level. George Leef says the key lesson is that you don’t make peace with termites.

It’s not a conspiracy theory to recognize that elections are becoming far more complicated than they once were. Stephen Whitney says make elections normal again.

What if the FBI is as woke as it appears? It’s an uncomfortable question but one that the Z-man is willing to ask. He also wonders: What if they believe the dogma they’re enforcing?


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2023 Jan 3 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 03, 2023

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos drops by to ring in the new year with a good healthy dose of common sense and a bit of humor.

So many of our sources of information work very hard to convince us that humankind is hopelessly evil, racist or broken. Paul Rosenberg has a great alternative take on how to look at the human story from a post-primate perspective.

It’s not uncommon to see a sense of entitlement and a lack of work ethic in children today. Annie Holmquist has a great explanation of why so many American kids respect nothing.

It sounds subversive to suggest that mindless obedience is what brings humanity’s great sorrows. Nevertheless, it’s true. Richard Kelly suggests that we resolve to think carefully about every suggestion and directive, especially those that come with penalties.


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2023 Jan 2 The Bryan Hyde Show

January 02, 2023

You don’t have to have beef with the legacy media to understand that they are not operating in your interests. Allan Stevo asks, did fake news scare you this week? If so, he has some solid guidance on taking back your time.

This may not seem particularly optimistic but it sure has the ring of good advice. To survive the economic uncertainty of 2023, Daisy Luther has a proven solution: frugality.

As long as we’re prognosticating what to expect in the coming year, you might want to take a look at James Howard Kunstlers’s latest. He says get out of the way, if you can’t lend a hand.

Conspiracy theorists are proving far more reliable than their MSM detractors. Ben Sellers lays out the top 10 conspiracy theories that will be validated in 2023. Might want to keep an eye on these.


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2022 Dec 29 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 29, 2022

Question the way elections always seem to tip toward keeping the establishment in power and you will be labeled an “election denier.” Jay Valentine wonders if we have reached the end of free elections.

If you’re feeling a bit froggy, here’s a great article from Edward Ring on the power of political optimism. He says, in our time, optimism is subversive to the doomsayers, so flaunt it.

If you’re making resolutions for the new year, here’s a great article from Jordan Alexander that’s worth a read. He spells out the reasons why the mundane matters when it comes to making lasting changes.

The most important stories are often the ones being studiously ignored by the corporate press. Michael Amundson explains why the news block on the plight of the Dutch farmers is a harbinger of what’s coming our way.

If the Twitter files haven’t moved the needle on your give-a-hoot meter, take the time to read this essay by Jeffrey A. Tucker. He connects the dots as to how an occupied Twitter ruined countless lives.


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2022 Dec 28 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 28, 2022

You probably don’t need a lot of coaxing to get you to consider that the corporate media and big government aren’t really on your side. Here’s a remarkable article by Leighton Woodhouse about how the establishment media is rushing to defend the FBI over the Twitter files.

There’s a lot of truth to the saying “follow the money.” Ron Paul explains how the recently passed Omnibus bill shows that war and authoritarianism are top priorities for Congress.

Matthew Boose has a terrific essay on who is trying to radicalize the right in America. It’s also a warning to the leftists trying to steamroll normal people. To paraphrase Bruce Banner, “Don’t treat me like an extremist. You wouldn’t like me when I’m an extremist.”

I’m not suggesting that everything the mainstream media says is a lie. But Bretigne Shaffer has a point when she notes that you’re unlikely to go wrong in assuming everything the MSM says about alternative medicine is false.

We’ve all heard the term “love it or leave it” when someone speaks out about what is happening to our nation. Jeff Thomas points out that, sometime soon, leaving may not be an option because our government won’t allow you to leave.


2022 Dec 27 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 27, 2022

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos stops by to offer his thoughts on the lessons learned in 2022 and what we should be keeping an eye on in 2023.

Ready for some straight up truth? Brandon Smith’s latest column is like a double shot of reality with the warning that if government officials want to prevent rebellion, they should stop committing treason. This one is worth re-reading and sharing.

Creativity is something most of us appreciate but very few of us understand. Paul Rosenberg explains how we can double human creativity by limiting the influence of hierarchy.

Whether we want it or not, we’re all about to have a close encounter with reality. James Howard Kunstler lays out the facts of what it’s really about.


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2022 Dec 22 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 22, 2022

As the year draws to a close, it’s hard to gauge how optimistic to be for 2023. Mike Flannery has a prayer for the new year that covers many of the really important concerns.

You can get a good sense of how self-sufficient you are by taking the time to think about what you take for granted. Barret Tillman has a great essay on inventions taken for granted that will make you more appreciative of all the little luxuries around us.

It feels good to see some vindication for those of us who opposed the various power grabs disguised as “pandemic responses.” Richard Kelly explains how, many people recognized from the start that it was all about control.

Hopefully this Christmas will be less dramatic than the past two Christmases. Mark Oshinskie shares a tale of two Christmases that puts a number of things into perspective.

UN Climate conferences should make lovers of individual liberty, free markets and private property just a bit nervous. Jason Reed has a great article on how these climate conferences fail on deforestation.


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2022 Dec 21 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 21, 2022

With all the conflict and madness going on around us, it’s easy to forget that there’s still a great deal of beauty as well. Dr. Gary Barnett reminds us that the important things in life are too precious to lose.

Much of what’s taking place in the nation’s capitol begins to make sense when you think of it as a puppet show wrapped in a passion play. Sasha Stone does a terrific job of calling out the shameful Jan 6 show trial and the lapdog press.

Media worship of the FBI may be the norm but the public is catching on to how thoroughly corrupted this organization has become. Ron Paul gets right to the point, the Twitter files make it clear that the FBI must be abolished.

At some point, each of us is going to have to make a choice to embrace our own enslavement or to opt out of the system. Cheryl Chumley warns of social credits, digital passports and other coming totalitarian evils.

One of the greatest Christmas stories in human history comes from a very unlikely place. Jon Miltimore relates the story of the Christmas truce of 1914 and its eternal message.


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2022 Dec 20 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 20, 2022

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos drops by to spread some holiday cheer. If there’s something noteworthy going on, Eric has it covered.

It’s finally starting to dawn on some people that the political class and their allies have been waging war on truth and reality for some time now. James Howard Kunstler’s latest colum is a must read.

Few writers have had the personal impact on liberty-minded people like Ayn Rand. Gary M. Galles shares 35 of her most insightful quotes on rights, individualism and government.

We’re starting to get a clearer picture of just how corrupted the FBI and DOJ have become in trying to quash dissent against the official narrative. Andrea Widburg says the most damning Twitter files just dropped, highlighting the FBI’s wrongdoing.

What makes people treat those with a differing point of view like they were hated enemies? Robin Koerner says, it’s ideological possession, and it’s the real pandemic.


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2022 Dec 19 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 19, 2022

It’s crazy how with control over virtually every corporate and social media platform, the power-seekers are so threatened by less restrictions of speech on Twitter. James Howard Kunstler explains the truth and consequences that are beginning to flow.

No matter the excuses that were given for locking us down and taking our freedoms, the fact remains that these tactics did not work to stop the spread of a virus. Paul Rosenberg says the fact that everyone got it anyway is a good reason to recalibrate to reality instead of fantasy.

With Democrats about to lose control of the House, there’s justified concern that they will not have complete control of the narrative any longer. Jonathan Turley says this is why they’re telling Facebook to “censor or else” and not to backslide on free speech.

The release of the Twitter files is confirming something few of us wish to contemplate. After 3 years of madness, Jeffrey A. Tucker confirms that we are still locked down.

No one wants to hear “I told you so” so instead I’ll just note that “you were informed thusly” when it comes to the jab. Steve Kirsch wonders, why can’t we talk about any of the sudden deaths that keep happening?

If you’re serious about thinking for yourself, watch carefully for those who seek to change the meanings of words in order to control ideas. D. Parker says surrendering to the far-left on language is a losing strategy.


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2022 Dec 16 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 16, 2022

The left/right paradigm leaves a lot to be desired. At the same time, there are some notable differences. Brandon Smith says leftists aren’t capable of surviving an economic collapse and he explains why.

The battle over free speech isn’t just about keep Twitter a safe place for collectivist ideology. More and more we’re seeing attempts to equate free speech with violence, including blaming it for mass shootings.

Every so often, a news story comes along that perfectly illustrates how much our society has changed. Jon Miltimore shares the disturbing tale of how child services is telling a mother that her children can’t play outside by themselves.

The recently passed Respect for Marriage Act is looking more and more like retaliation by woke activists than something that protects a foundational institution. Trevor Thomas points out that it’s also a test of sorts for who will embrace truth and who will reject it.

The pressuring of the unvaxxed has not ended. It has merely shifted. Case in point, a new study out of Canada claims that unvaccinated people are more likely to be reckless and to cause traffic accidents. Time to raise their insurance rates.


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2022 Dec 15 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 15, 2022

Let’s focus on the positive for a bit. Specifically, let’s focus on bacon. Jon Miltimore shares 15 economic, historical and health facts that prove bacon is not your typical food.

There’s real danger in allowing ourselves to become accustomed to the “new normal” that’s being foisted on us. John Dale Dunn says recognizing America’s deep problems allows radical change for the better.

More evidence that the battle over free speech is the current front line of an eternal battle between compulsion and freedom. James Howard Kunstler recounts how the alarm bells are going off for those who wish to suppress dissent.

The truth about just how questionable the 2020 election was is getting pretty tough to deny. James Bovard explains how the Twitter files reveal how mail in ballots became sacred–and boosted Biden.

The urge to control others is something we all face. Thomas Harrington advises that learning to control that desire is one of the wisest things we can do.


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2022 Dec 14 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 14, 2022

Asserting that totalitarianism exists in America isn’t the same thing as saying we’ve gone full totalitarian. Jon Miltimore offers 14 signs of totalitarianism that are playing out before our eyes.

Alexander Salter is one of my favorite sources on monetary issues. It’s reassuring to see him warning about the implementation of a central bank digital currency in the USA. He says: Not now, not ever.

At the risk of sounding like the old man who yells at clouds, it’s fascinating to see how much times have changed. Here are a few headlines you never would have seen just a few short years ago.

What started as a trickle of inconvenient facts is quickly becoming a torrent of truth that reveals the depravity of the ruling class. Julie Kelly hopes that Elon Musk’s courage is catching and asks, what now?

Looking around, there aren’t a lot of obvious heroes from whom we might draw strength. Check out the story of Terry Bagley and how it relates to so-called “toxic masculinity.


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2022 Dec 13 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 13, 2022

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me for our weekly dialogue. He reports on his experience with the new Ford Lightning F150 as well as the latest developments in Clown World.

The woke Taliban has been tirelessly chipping away at the foundations of Western Civilization for some time. Annie Holmquist reminds us that restoring society’s foundations isn’t a lost cause.

So much of what’s driving conflict in society today comes down to people who are intent on obtaining legal power over others. Kent McManigal says expect pushback because legislating others into slavery is not only morally wrong, it’s also dangerous.

The climate change religion is a key component of the mechanism for absolute control by the global elite. Brendan O’Neill wonders, are we finally reaching peak climate change hysteria?


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2022 Dec 12 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 12, 2022

The Twitter files are successfully pulling back the curtain on left-wing censorship and manipulation of public opinion. Phillip W. Magness and David Waugh explain how these practices may have intentionally kept people in the dark regarding covid.

It may sound overly dramatic but stakes in the the war on information are as high as the stakes in any shooting war. Martin Geddes says Twitter is exposing the deep state mass brainwashing that looks more criminal and treasonous by the day.

We’re seeing more and more court cases that stem from issues like “gay wedding cake” and woke restaurants. James Corbett does a great job of breaking this issue down to its essence: What’s the “proper” way to force others to do what I want them to?

Watching the deliberate destruction of our nation and ideals is not something some of us are willing to take sitting down. But what can we do realistically? Chris Williams suggest 10 ways to strike back that start where you actually have influence and power.

One of the biggest selling points of so-called democracy is that it lets the inmates feel as though they are running the asylum. The Z-man has a great essay on the grand delusion.


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2022 Dec 9 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 09, 2022

A breakfast sausage is less packed with pork than the annual National Defense Authorization Act. Thomas L. Knapp explains how the latest version of the NDAA contains a Journalism Competition & Protection Act which will do the exact opposite of its title.

Find yourself wondering why the left seems so intent on destroying free speech? Thomas DiLorenzo lays out why they must destroy free speech–or be destroyed themselves.

Here’s a topic that’s going to make some people very uncomfortable. A new autopsy report reveals that 5 individuals who died suddenly were likely killed by the covid vaccine. It doesn’t make you an anti-vaxxer to acknowledge this, it does, however, mean that you’re not a reality denier.

If you’re a legit truthseeker, you have your work cut out for you. Joseph Gish wonders, are we living in a post-truth society?

We are in the midst of a growing data war. And even though some folks are tempted to shrug it off, Russ White insists the data wars are as serious as the the ones with guns.

It’s interesting how much pressure there is, even on the political right, to treat questioners of the 2020 election as irrational kooks. Matthew Boose doesn’t mince words. He says, yes, the 2020 election was stolen and we need to stop pretending otherwise.


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2022 Dec 8 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 08, 2022

For a guy who thinks he’s the personification of “science,” Dr. Fauci sure has a tough time recalling what he did or didn’t do about lockdowns. Phil Magness and James R. Harrington have a marvelous breakdown of forgetful Fauci’s deposition and how all those lies are hard to keep straight.

Corporate media is playing the ain’t-no-thang/nothing burger card over the release of the Twitter files. David Harsanyi has a great explanation of why Elon Musk’s Twitter files matter when it comes to trusting the media.

If you get the sense that we are being steered inexorably toward greater tyranny, you’re not alone. Edward Ring has an enlightening take on the tyranny of the minority and how they are getting above us.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to zoom out for the view from 30,000 feet. Doug Casey has a great bigger picture explanation of the current struggle between the forces of centralization and decentralization.

Here’s another milepost on the highway to Bizarro World, actor Kirk Cameron can’t get a single story hour booking for his new (wholesome) childrens book at public libraries across the nation. Why do you suppose that is?

The Supreme Court case of the Colorado webpage designer who refuses to create pages for same-sex weddings is causing quite a stir. Here’s another angle on how this case may affect the free market.


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2022 Dec 7 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 07, 2022

The Supreme Court is hearing a case involving a wedding website designer who does not wish to create sites for same-sex weddings. Jacob Hornberger clarifies that this is not a free speech issue, it’s a property rights issue.

WARNING: This is a supremely disturbing subject to consider. To even talk about it feels like fear-mongering, yet I believe it’s too important to downplay. An invisible prison is being constructed for each of us. And we will choose whether or not to step into it.

Science has improved many aspects of our lives in too many ways to count. At the same time, as Robert Arvay warns, we are headed for a dark age in science thanks to its partnership with political power.

The pettiness that was the hallmark of the lockdown mindset is still with us. Why else would Virginia police go after a restaurant owner for violating the 2020 covid mandates? Where is the victim?

The FTX fiasco is providing opponents of cryptocurrency a real I-told-you-so moment. Max Borders deconstructs the “Crypto Bad!” argument and explains why it may yet be a legitimate exit from our current corrupted monetary system.


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2022 Dec 6 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 06, 2022

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos is my guest and we’ll get his reaction to the Twitter files, automotive news and other relevant current events.

At the heart of some of the most reprehensible policies being suggested around the globe, is the desire to drastically reduce the human population. Antony Davies has an excellent respose to the Malthusian contradiction and makes a solid case that humans are the solution rather than the problem.

One more indicator of the inverted reality in which we live is the case of a NY woman who is facing the possibility of years in prison for injuring 9 BLM protestors in 2020. It raises some interesting questions about what you should do when BLM attacks you in your car.

The things we’re learning about the way Twitter executives fought to suppress truths for political purposes are deeply disturbing. Ron Paul says the good news is that they are revealing the totalitarians among us.

The chances of corporate media admitting they were wrong are somewhere between fat and slim. Victor Davis Hanson wonders, how corrupt is a corrupt media and why should we believe anything they say?


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2022 Dec 5 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 05, 2022

It’s not hard to catalog all the things that are going wrong right now. If you’re looking for something to inspire your heart, have a look at David Deming’s take on how human potential is illimitable.

If looking to the stars makes you nervous, David Deming also has a fascinating article on our underground future. It’s pretty eye-opening, to put it mildly.

Corporate media is having a tough time with its credibility lately. That’s probably a good thing. Brandon Smith takes the MSM and political left to task for their shameless exploitation of tragedies in their quest to obtain more power.

Watching the perpetuators of official fraud tap-dance their way around questions that would hold them accountable is as revealing as it is sickening. Jeffrey A. Tucker explains how to save your skin, according to Bankman-Fried and Fauci.

You may have noticed there’s a lot of concern over what’s being called “misinformation” these days. Is it causing you angst or confusion? Jerry Powlas recommends a simple cure: Get rid of your TV.


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2022 Dec 2 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 02, 2022

What’s the difference between free speech and a permissive platform? Thomas L. Knapp has an informative take on the matter and concludes that both of them are a good thing.

It used to be that only conspiracy theorists believed that satan-worshipping pedophiles were at the top levels of politics and the entertainment industry. But it’s looking more and more like the truth these days. Mark Judge explains how the left is quickly descending into nihilism and child pornography.

Don’t look now but mask mandates are back for members of America’s armed forces. Dr. Aaron Kheriaty has a powerful warning about the evil of coerced medicine.

Two members of Oathkeepers have been convicted by a D.C. jury of seditious conspiracy. Does that mean that Jan 6 was an insurrection? Jacob Hornberger says absolutely not.

To hear social justice types tell it, marriage was an invention of the state. Anyone who has studied history knows that’s not the case. Ryan McMaken recounts how the state seized control of marriage.


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2022 Dec 1 The Bryan Hyde Show

December 01, 2022

The panicked pearl-clutching of the woke over Elon Musk’s loosening of Twitter’s censorship controls is pretty revealing. Ron Paul says it’s time to separate tech and state.

Some of the facts that have come to light since Musk took control of Twitter are quite disturbing. Andrea Widburg explains how Elon Musk is simply confirming what we already knew about Twitter suppressing certain truths.

Who knew that the facts of life could be so controversial? Stephen Whitney has an excellent commentary on how men and women are, in fact, not identical–and that’s a good thing.

J.B. Shurk is on fire lately and his latest column is another grand slam home run. He describes the power of Americans’ rising self consciousness and why more of us are thinking for ourselves.

Our government is increasingly teaming up with big business to do an end run around constitutional limits on its own power. Judge Andrew Napolitano spells out how we are slouching toward authentic fascism.


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2022 Nov 30 The Bryan Hyde Show

November 30, 2022

The Jan 6 narrative is intended to keep us from noticing how our federal government has slipped off its leash and is running wild while savaging everything in sight. Michael Tracy has a Twitter thread that clearly demonstrates how federal prosecutors used geofencing data to equate presence with criminality.

We all struggle to admit when we’re wrong. At the same time, no one seems to have a tougher time admitting fallibility than our expert class. Claudio Grass wonders, are progressive experts fallible? He says, yes, but don’t tell them.

Why do we advocate for freedom, even when it irritates the masses? Because, deep down inside, we know that the best things in our lives depend upon it. J.B. Shurk explains why some will run and some will stay when the going gets tough. Which camp will you be in?

The future of freedom rests upon our willingness to teach its principles and practices to our children. As John Conlin puts it, politics might be downstream from culture but everything is downstream from K-12 education.


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2022 Nov 29 The Bryan Hyde Show

November 29, 2022

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos joins me to talk current events and strategies for keeping our freedoms in an age of irrationality.

Dr. Shanon Brooks from Monticello College stops by to talk about the coming digital currency and how it will become a tool of control. He also explains the new economy and how to keep your freedom and financial solvency by extracting yourself from the system.

On yesterday’s show I mentioned Paul Rosenberg’s latest essay on our moral obsession. Here’s a link if you’d like to read it yourself or share it with others.

Dr. Fauci was deposed recently and though no transcript has been released and no reporters were present, there are a few things we’ve learned. Here’s an excellent article from the Brownstone Institute on Fauci’s 7 hour deposition and what we know so far.


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2022 Nov 28 The Bryan Hyde Show

November 28, 2022

One of the toughest truths that must be faced in our time is that a digital currency is coming and it will become a tool of control. J. Kim explains why no bank account is safe in 2023 (traditional or otherwise).

It’s bad enough that vaxxed individuals are dying but why is there an effort to blame the unvaxxed for causing their deaths via anxiety? Kit Knightly has a great take on the recent article by the Journal of BioMedicine that makes this outrageous claim.

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter may not have saved the world, but it’s certainly giving us a better idea of who the control freaks are. James Howard Kunstler describes it as a light in the darkness.

The growing drumbeat of climate crisis is being used as cover for the implementation of greater collectivist controls over every nation’s economy. Dr. Rainer Zitelman says it’s all about creating the ultimate planned economy.

Whether we see it or not, the plan to impose a cashless society is quietly being put into place. David Haggith has some great resources for those trying to stay informed on the coming Orwellian system.

It may not be comfortable to consider what may happen in the event of an economic collapse but those who conduct a mental walk-through of the likely consequences will be better prepared than those who do not.


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2022 Nov 24 The Bryan Hyde Show

November 24, 2022

National Adoption Month is the perfect excuse to have Tammy Brinkerhoff join me to talk about adoption from the perspective of an adoptive parent.

Historical revision isn’t always about purging all symbols of the past. Sometimes it’s a matter of creatively rewriting what happened to make the symbols more important than the truth. Here’s the lowdown on the real story of why the pilgrims were thankful.

With all the unhappiness we see around us, we sometimes need a reminder of just how good we have it. Gratitude is the answer to the question too few of us are asking.

If you’ve shopped for a Thanksgiving turkey this year, you know firsthand how much prices have risen since last year. Here’s a great breakdown of why your Thanksgiving dinner costs a full 20% more than last year’s meal.

The Tenth Amendment Center is doing serious work in advancing liberty. Here’s a great article from Michael Boldin on 4 essential foundational principles that must be part of the discussion.


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2022 Nov 23 The Bryan Hyde Show

November 23, 2022

Despite the remaking of the world as a sort of woke utopia, some things will never go out of style. Jordan Alexander explains why practical skills are still king and how to learn them.

The wheels are coming off the bus for the covid narrative managers. Check out the recent White House press conference where Dr. Fauci was asked about the origins of covid and the White House press secretary attempted to shut down the discussion. Hmmm. I wonder why.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see the writing on the wall. From covid to central bank digital currencies, we are on a path to giving total control to a tiny handful of oligarchs.

The key to being able to maintain your rights in a time of growing centralized control can be summed up in four simple words: Be prepared, not scared.

What does it mean to be informed? If you’re on Facebook, check out T.K. Coleman’s take on being informed. It’s insightful.


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2022 Nov 22 The Bryan Hyde Show

November 22, 2022

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos is my guest as we explore what remains of sanity and rational thought in a chaotic world.

You risk being labeled as a “denier” by even contemplating the prospect of election fraud or manipulation. Having said that, Lew Rockwell has a thought-provoking article on how to steal an election that would be well worth your while.

The great purge of everything that came before us isn’t about to spare the Thanksgiving holiday. Eric Lendrum reports that media and schools continue to demonize Thanksgiving as part of their woke agenda.

There’s a great reset that many of us are becoming ready to embrace, but it’s not the one proffered by the World Economic Forum. As J.B. Shurk explains, it’s the one that hits Ctrl+Alt+Delete on the totalitarian state before it it’s too late.


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2022 Nov 21 The Bryan Hyde Show

November 21, 2022

When you hear someone complain about our diminishing rights, do you consider them to be a crybaby? Todd Hayen asks and answers, what’s all this fuss about rights?

No matter how closely we were paying attention, we’ve likely forgotten just how intense the propaganda for the jab was. The Good Citizen recently shared a trailer for the upcoming “Plandemic” documentary. Seriously, find 8 and half minutes to watch it.

When’s the last time you really pondered just how much music adds to our lives? Anthony J. DeBlasi has a magnificent article in which he describes how music takes over when words just aren’t enough.

The FBI director’s slippery non-answers to several pointed questions have cast serious doubt on the J6 narrative. Julie Kelly says the insurrection house of cards is collapsing.

Part of the challenge before us is learning to overcome our life-long training to fear and obey. Paul Rosenberg reminds us that the cure is in our hands and we need to take it seriously.


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2022 Nov 18 The Bryan Hyde Show

November 18, 2022

Your government would like to keep a much closer eye on you than you might think. Judge Andrew Napolitano has the lowdown on the FBI and its Zero-Click surveillance.

We should have listened to George Washington when he warned us of the dangers of political parties/faction. Tom McCallister lays out the unpopular cure to our electoral woes.

Now that God has largely been driven from our civic life, we should ask ourselves how that’s working out. Anthony Esolen issues a call to reflect on the new sins and the old.

Don’t look now but there’s a new digital currency on the horizon. It’s a good time to check out Stephen Apolito’s take on what he learned from his grandfather about money.

It’s sad how so many people have been trained to view liberty as a kind of political fetish. Julia Geron Pilon explains the primacy of liberty and why it’s the highest political end.


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