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76. Offending The Devil

October 27, 2022

“Now there are those among us who are trying to serve the Lord without offending the devil.” - Marion G. Romney.  We discuss this concept with current examples and its implications. We make ourselves weak and susceptible when we try not to offend th


75. Rob's Roommate, ASMR (not really), and Savior Complex

September 22, 2022

Way too much excitement on the show Alex, Rob and Kurt, the infamous, voice-actor roommate. We discuss how, despite similar beliefs between Christians and Progressives, the most pivotal difference that changes all outcomes is who they identify as th


74. Anchor To The Soul

September 15, 2022

While people discover natural methods for better health in this world, when will they re-discover the natural benefits of faith? Faith in God is more than hocus-pocus, it is fortifying mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here's how people in the


73. Protesting A Drag Show; Looking For Good & Doing Your Part

September 08, 2022

We went to protest the "family-friendly" drag show in Provo, Utah that took place in a local park. What we saw and how we felt when we walked away is surprising. Gordon B. Hinckley's quote about accentuating the good helps keep our eyes up during a


72. Mormons Gone Drag! Christians & Libs Act The Same

September 01, 2022

The lack of religious fervor enables darkness to grow. Time to welcome in the "family-friendly" Provo Drag Show. It's a fascinating observation how similar Christians are to the progressive left. So similar yet vastly different results.https://dir


71. Improving Mental Health Naturally with Cold Exposure

August 25, 2022

Consuming social media can cause serious mental health challenges, such as depression. We have generations that are struggling to living purposefully as they feel weighed down mentally. Alex and Rob discuss how you could simply and powerfully transform yo


70. U.S. Involvement in WW2 a Mistake?

August 18, 2022

How do you draw a line in the sand between being involved internationally (to stop the spread of evil) and staying out of conflicts and sparing the lives of your people? How can we reinstate the founder's principle of being friendly to all nations a


69. How To Stop Retaliation

August 12, 2022

When one side of the political aisle takes its abuse of power too far it makes it very likely for the opposition to retaliate and that's a scenario we don't want to happen.When this sort of thing happens we have to up our game to de-escalate and resolve


68. If You Had Hours Left To Live

August 04, 2022

When you see someone who literally is on their death bed it puts things in perspective. If you knew you had only hours left, what would you think about? What matters most? Does it matter to believe in life after death?


67. Don't Be A Useful Idiot

July 28, 2022

Does it matter that Dave Rubin is going to have a child? Why not legalize sex work? Can we really live and let live and still have a good society?We took a dive into the serious consideration of choices and consequences. It's easy to produce reasons and


66. Debunking Separation of Church & State

July 07, 2022

If you define "separation of church and state" the way Progressives do then it makes absolutely no sense contextually, implicitly and historically - here's how! And here's the truth!


65. What The Left Gets Wrong About Rights & Religion

June 30, 2022

For this Independence Day Episode, we focus on the foundational principle of equal rights and how the implications are totally lost of most people. America's grand experiment fails once we exclude God from the equation, and here's why.


64. Advice From A Head Cold

June 23, 2022

Both me (Alex) and Rob are sick, but we wanted to touch base. We kept it very short and somewhat on topic. Excuse the immature humor, but enjoy it too. Head colds and podcasting among two wacky persons makes for a strange outcome. Message I want to impart


63. Getting Bear Sprayed; Worshipping Weather-Gods

June 16, 2022

Hear my latest adventures camping and how I got sprayed with bear spray. We are at a point now where we worship weather gods again, just like ancient civilizations did, to our own detriment. Here's how... Send your thoughts and comments to contact@alexs


62. This is Why Parents Can't Suck

June 09, 2022

The cost of a strong society and well-adapted children is eternally vigilant parents.  Movie Review - The Daily Wire's new documentary, 'What is a Woman?' Libertarians and Liberals actually do more harm because they can't think beyond square one.&n


61. Snakes At Republican Primaries

June 02, 2022

In this episode, we discuss attending a republican primary debate for Mike Lee's seat in the Senate. It was very clear that the majority of those attending were progressives and 2/3 of the candidates did not truly have the values of the party they run in.


60. Alex's Honesty Story

May 19, 2022

People believe so much in the lies they tell themselves that they can't reconcile reality with their perception. This holds us back and keeps us down in our lives. Here's my story of how this hurt my family and how I overcame it.  Find me at https://


59. Gandalf's Wisdom

May 12, 2022

The Gandalf quote we all know and love from the Fellowship of the Ring carries a lot of implications regarding our capacity to perfect ourselves. Your politics will change drastically as you understand what agency is. Real compassion starts with respecti


58. New Take On Roe V Wade; Dinesh D'Souza's 2000 Mules Documentary

May 05, 2022

Here's a deeper look at what Roe v Wade is really about and the fundamental principles and rights overlooked by all sides. We saw Dinesh D'Souza's new documentary 2000 Mules and it was jaw dropping.


57. New Baby!; You're Irreplaceable

April 28, 2022

Elon + Twitter = *Not what you might think* We just had a new baby in the family and so listen as I, Alex, struggle to share ideas coherently while Rob does his best do derail the conversation in my tired stupor. One important thing to remember is that


55. The Problem With Atheism & Freedom

April 14, 2022

Atheism is a feeding ground for despotism and tyranny. Let me give you just 2 seriously important reasons why Christianity is superior to atheism and better for freedom! Rob runs into Airbnb troubles with a crazy guest he has to kick out in the middle of


54. REACTION - How Conservative Groups Get Infiltrated & Ruined

April 08, 2022

Today's episode we break away from the routine and give you a hot, unprepared take on what's happening to conservative groups and parties all over. It's truly an infiltration on the unsuspecting and it's happening even in my own state of Utah. Listen abo


53. Walk Out On Disney Movement; Exodus' Story Of Courage

March 31, 2022

- It's time we start the movement of morally sound people everywhere to walk away from Disney and support better alternatives. - Exodus chapter 1 teaches us a lot about courage in the face of direct orders to do evil, when there could be much to risk.


52. Reviewing Jordan Peterson's SLC Visit; Seeing The Hand Of God

March 24, 2022

Topic of the week: Reviewing Jordan Peterson's presentation in Salt Lake City which we saw live. - A lot on how to communicate and oddly enough, what atheists lack. Scripture of the week: Genesis 45: 5,7-8 and how it teaches us to see the hand of God in


51. Don't Show You Care; Uncharted Movie Review; Seeking Forgiveness In Family

March 10, 2022

We don't know how to help people anymore. We do all the wrong things for the right reasons. - It's gotta stop! Movie Review: Uncharted - good but also a bust. Here's why... Scripture: Genesis 33 Jacob and Esau help us understand what it means to really


50. Stress is Good For You!

March 03, 2022

Stress is what we make of it. And it can be the very pressure to keep you moving forward. It can be hard to find a good, clean comedy. Genesis 25 - There's more going on than we realize outside of just the story of the Abraham to Isaac, on down. Fascina


49. Amazon Hates Tolkien & LOTR Fans; Would You Survive An EMP

February 24, 2022

- Amazon is ruining Tolkien because they can't he…


48. Woke Ruins Everything; Be Meek; Be Authentic

February 17, 2022

Topic of the week: Misplaced values devalues ever…


47. Good Vs Evil - Evil Use Kids, Good Protect Them

February 10, 2022

While participating in the fight between good vs …


46. We're Not So Smart; I went On Vacation Without Kids

February 03, 2022

Just got back from vacation without kids. It was …


45. Bible Debunks Environmentalism & Price of Peace

January 20, 2022

What are we willing to sacrifice for peace and wh…


44. Gender Confusion, Parental Love & Winston Churchill

January 13, 2022

Topic of the week: Parental responsibility and lo…


43. Courage & Moral Absolutes

January 06, 2022

We are so arrogant to believe our wealth can solv…


42. Dido, California & Coerced Obedience

September 16, 2021

The direction that all of the media and progressi…


41. Interview w. Brad Rogers - Sheriffs As The Last Defense Against Government Overreach

September 09, 2021

Interview with Brad Rogers. He is Former Elkhart …


40. No One Actually Cared About Afghanistan Until Now - with Ryan King

September 02, 2021

Discussion with Army Veteran, Ryan King, discussi…


39. Thoughts On Afghanistan & Integrity Of Our Nation

August 26, 2021

Time to speak aloud what's been on my mind - -Af…


38. Braver Angels - Conversation 2 | Climate Change & COVID19

August 19, 2021

Part 2 - The second conversation with Donna from …


37. Red and Blue Conversation 1 | Braver Angels Experience

August 13, 2021

What if you could talk to someone on the other si…


36. Zodiakrants (Elijah) - Racist TikToker Gets Called Out; Lessons From A Multi-Racial Life

August 05, 2021

When people say you can't be racist if you're a m…


35. Freedom Fest 2021 - Braver Angels

July 30, 2021

While attending the Freedom Fest 2021 Alex met wi…


34. Mrs. Berylanne Phillips - Overcoming Victimhood, Finding Christ & Joys Of Marriage & Homemaking

May 27, 2021

Interview with Mrs. Barylanne Phillips Barylanne…


33. General Patton's Prayer (Part 1 of 3 in a series about Faith, Hope and Charity)

May 06, 2021

Part 1 of 3 in a series about Faith, Hope and Cha…


32. Want A Better Country? - Then Start Here

April 15, 2021

Many Americans, especially Millennials are driven…


31. We No Longer Believe In Forgiveness

April 02, 2021

This easter has us pondering forgiveness. Yet, so…


30. Controlling vs Loving

March 25, 2021

The further we drift from God the less we care fo…


29. The Danger of Casual Living

March 18, 2021

The silent killer of the good in our lives and na…


28. 5 Ideas For Stronger Families

March 11, 2021

Here are 5 ideas to strenghten and improve your m…


27. Matt Alexander -Million$, Principles that Elevate & Owning Up

February 25, 2021

Interview with Matt Alexander - Shark Tank star a…


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