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Innovation in The Honey Industry? | Ep. 98

March 07, 2023

Welcome to The TAC Show, Chase and Remmington were joined LIVE by a beekeeper to talk all things BEES!


Creating a Podcast Made Fun - How to be a Successful Creator | Ep. 97 With Dee Kei

February 25, 2023

For the full, unedited version of today's show, head over to and subscribe! Dee Kei from the "Mixing Music" Podcast joins us to talk about creativity, among other things. Dee Kei is a p


The Eskimo Libertarian says Alaskan UFO isn’t biggest issue?!? | The TAC Show Ep. 96 X Nalik Trupp

February 15, 2023

What could be bigger news than the UFOs being shot down?? Nalik Trupp, AKA The Eskimo Libertarian, has some strong opinions regarding this plus more. She goes over what it was like running for local o



February 03, 2023

Lady Thor and She-Hulk - We are coming for you!!! Hollywood has been producing less and less original and entertaining movie options for us cinema lovers to enjoy. What can be done to stop these menac



January 24, 2023

Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro have both thrown punches, who will come out on top?? Chase and Remmington are on top of the Dailey Wire and Steven Crowder situation and give you all you need to know. C


S2Ep. 43 (2/2): The Lack of Access to Representation in America is Concerning | With Aaron Lewis

December 01, 2022

We fought a war over taxation without representation, but we are living in a country now with that same problem, and seem to not be doing anything about it. What gives? What can we do about it? Tune


Let Them Watch People Eat Cake | On Suicide, Gun Violence, and Twitter Reinstatements

November 30, 2022

A lighthearted conversation turns into a serious discussion on suicide and where to seek out help. Chase and Remmington share their thoughts on Remmington's blueberry muffin, Elon Musk reinstating Pre


S2Ep. 43 (1/2): A Black Man’s View On The Constitution | With Aaron Lewis

November 29, 2022

The government has the power to suppress, not individuals. We sit down to talk with Dr. Aaron lewis about the constitution and many other pertinent issues in the world of politics. What are some of th


S2Ep. 42 (2/2) Pro 2A, Anti-woke? The Atheist movement in America | Thomas Sheedy - Atheists for Liberty

November 21, 2022

Part 2 of our conversation with Thomas Sheedy of Atheists for liberty.


S2Ep. 42 (1/2) Atheists For Religious Freedom? | With Thomas Sheedy - Atheists For Liberty

November 18, 2022

Chase and Remmington are joined by Thomas Sheedy of Atheists for Liberty and discuss a vast array of topics on religious liberty and freedom, you won't want to miss this conversation.


COVID Amnesty?? Politicians are trying to get out of the mess that they created...

November 16, 2022

Corrupt politicians are trying to hide their tracks and shy away from the blame for the massive failures on their part during the COVID pandemic.


S2Ep. 41 (2/2) How Does Bitcoin Work? | With Max Hillebrand

November 07, 2022

Max Hillebrand guides us through the nuances of Bitcoin and how ti works and how it can be improved upon in the future.


S2Ep. 41 (1/2): Is Bitcoin The Ultimate Tool? | With Max Hillebrand

November 04, 2022

Max Hillebrand is a free software entrepreneur building numerous tools to define, verify and enforce individual property rights. In this episode, we discuss Bitcoin and numerous issues surrounding its


When is the right time to set up your Christmas tree? + Disney Rant

November 02, 2022

The age-old question: November 1st or after Thanksgiving? Or some other time? When should you set up your Christmas tree? Plus, the guys discuss why Disney is terrible at making moves and would be


S2Ep. 40 (2/2): We are all being programmed as sheeple | With Jim Babka

November 01, 2022

Red pill or blue pill? Do we even have a choice? are our leaders taking away any sense of actual choice? What can be done? Part two of our conversation with Jim Babka


S2Ep. 40 (1/2): Is Joe Biden a Libertarian in disguise?!? | With Jim Babka

October 28, 2022

Joe Biden, a Libertarian?? No way... but maybe? President Biden is trying to steal Libertarian ideas that have been out there for years so he can get reelected. Jim Babka details where these ideas com


Halloween Food Recipes

October 28, 2022

Remmington shares some of his favorite recipes!


Should Police Officers Give Positive Tickets?

October 26, 2022

What kind of change would take place in the world if the police didn't only give negative tickets, but positive ones? Remmington has some intriguing ideas.


What's going on with Twitter??

October 21, 2022

In this episode, we'll discuss the controversy around Twitter and its new owner, Elon Musk. We'll also look at the First Amendment and the importance of free speech, as well as Alex Jones and Donald T


S2Ep. 39 (2/2): How to be Like MrBeast?? | With Thiefaine Magré

October 18, 2022

What are you willing to sacrifice to become what you want to be? How can we follow in the footsteps of other successful people and learn to be the best we can be?


S2Ep. 39 (1/2): If you really want it, nothing can stop you from getting it | With Thiefaine Magré

October 15, 2022

If you really want something, go get it. You have the power to make what you want yours. Tune in to find out the ways to do so. We sit down to talk with the host of the Product Guy podcast, Thiefaine


Finding Principles in Movies

October 12, 2022

What can we learn from Gandalf about the future and what we can control now? We go over some of the lessons we learn every day in movies that we should pay more attention to.


S2Ep. 38 (2/2): Did The CIA Actually Overthrow a Democratically-elected Government in Iran? | With Arash Ayrom

October 10, 2022

Part two of our conversation with Arash Ayrom deals with the facts surrounding the often misunderstood overthrowing of the Iranian government.


S2Ep. 38 (1/2): Is Freedom Eroding Away? | With Arash Ayrom

October 07, 2022

Americans don't know what they have and how good it is. Freedom is eroding away in America and they are cheering for it. We sit down to talk with Arash Ayrom, Filmmaker originally from Iran, but curre


S2Ep. 37 (2/2):The Importance of Liberty | With Daniel Harmon

October 04, 2022

Why Liberty Isn't Selfish... And other important topics with Daniel Harmon on The TAC Show.


S2Ep. 37(1/2): Raising kids Through Liberty | With Daniel Harmon

September 30, 2022

This week we talk to Daniel Harmon, creator of the Tuttle Twins. We have conversations surrounding why he decided to do this series and how we can better teach these principles of liberty to our kids.


Iranian Crisis Unfolding | With Arash Ayrom

September 29, 2022

Chase and Remmington discuss the current Iranian protests with Arash Ayrom, an Iranian immigrant.


S2Ep. 36 (2/2): Is America Really The Land of The Free? | With Kathy Smith

September 26, 2022

You're not really free if you have to ask permission to do ANYTHING. We discuss this principle and more important topics of liberty with Kathy Smith, founder of The Loving Liberty Network.


S2Ep. 36 (1/2): Why aren't our kids being taught these things? - With Kathy Smith of The Loving Liberty Network

September 23, 2022

Why aren't our kids being taught these important lessons about liberty around the world and what happens when there isn't any freedom? Tune in to hear these important conversations and more.


Our Thoughts On The Reaction To Our Little Mermaid Reaction Video

September 21, 2022

We have some thoughts on some of the reactions our reaction video to the little mermaid trailer got last week... What we learned from it and what we hope you learn too.


S2Ep. 35 (2/2): What's Going to Destroy Us? | With the Knuckleheads of Liberty

September 19, 2022

Divisive politics, tribalism, and creating enemies. What is going to destroy us? Tune in to find out what Chase is talking about.


S2Ep. 35 (1/2): Is The US Turning Into a Banana Republic? | With The Knuckleheads of Liberty

September 16, 2022

Political turmoil and the wanting to dispose of enemies are leading us down a scary path. We need more liberty! Watch this week's episode of The TAC Show to hear our thoughts on the current state of U


Women are... Better than men?

September 14, 2022

Chase and Remmington contemplate the strengths and weaknesses of the genders... What do you think? Are women better than men?


S2Ep. 34 (2/2): Why We Must Have a Third Party - With Larry Sharpe

September 12, 2022

Why are third parties so important? How is the Liberty Movement helping that cause? Watch today's part 2 episode with Larry Sharpe, 2022 candidate for New York Governor to find out!Subscribe for m


S2Ep. 34 (1/2): With Larry Sharpe | Fixing The Country One Idea at a Time

September 09, 2022

This week we sat down with Larry Sharpe, current Libertarian candidate for New York Governor. Larry is also an American business consultant, entrepreneur, political activist, and podcaster. We discuss


Biden's Tyrant Speech... Echos of Darth Sidious?

September 07, 2022

"I am the senate!" Who said it, Darth Sidious or Dark Biden? Chase and Remmington discuss this interesting speech by president Biden and talk about how he "Othered" The MAGA republicans, why that is d


S2Ep. 33 (2/2): The Problems with School Choice | With Dr. Joshua Cowen

September 05, 2022

Declining grades and children suffering? What Dr. Cowen has to say about school choice and tax dollars being used for these purposes and more in part two of our conversation with him.


S2Ep. 33 (1/2): Arguments Against School Choice | With Dr. Joshua Cowen

September 02, 2022

As you. might remember, a few weeks ago we had on Dr. Marty Lukin, a school choice advocate. He recommended Dr. Joshua Cowen as someone who is in opposition to his movement as someone for us to have o


Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness is a Sham

August 31, 2022

Biden forgiving student loan debt is classist discrimination. What you need to know about the ramifications of Biden's executive order and Remmingtons newest hobby? All of that and more in this week's


S2Ep. 32 (2/2): With Spike Cohen | Government is Weaponized Nepotism

August 29, 2022

Part 2/2 of our conversation with Spike Cohen! We go over different abuses committed by the government in our everyday lives and why they are so wrong.


S2Ep. 32 (1/2): With Spike Cohen | But Muh Roads!!

August 26, 2022

Have you ever heard a Libertarian mockingly say "But muh roads!" when questioned how no taxes would work? Well, you're in the right place. Our special guest, Spike Cohen, 2020 Vice Presidential candid


Tensions are rising across the globe... Is World War imminent?

August 24, 2022

Is world war 3 right around the corner? Tensions are rising across the globe in what could become global conflicts. What to know about this and other fun things in this week's episode of The TAC Show!


S2Ep. 31 (2/2): What Warrants Killing Someone? | With Jason Greenfield

August 22, 2022

Would you'd kill someone in self-defense? Where do you draw that line? Chase and Remmington along with Jason Greenfield, a martial artist and self-defense expert, discuss these philosophical and cruci


S2Ep. 31 (1/2): The Right to Defend Yourself Is Being Attacked | With Jason Greenfield

August 19, 2022

Chase and Remmington talk to Jason Greenfield, Martial Arts master and instructor. They have critical conversations about self-defense rights and what to do in emergencies, as well as philosophical qu


Why The FBI Raids at Mar-a-Lago Are BS

August 16, 2022

Chase and Remmington go off and share how quickly things are going downhill in a direction no one should like. The FBI raids at Mar-a-Lago are a farce and why you should care. These are the current ev


S2Ep. 30 (2/2): The Pros of School Choice | With Marty Lukin - Ed Choice

August 15, 2022

What are the pros of school choice? How does it benefit everyone in the country, and how much would it cost taxpayers? Marty Lukin with Ed Choice explains!


S2Ep. 30 (1/2): School Choice Explained | With Marty Lukin - Ed Choice

August 12, 2022

What is school choice? What are the differences in different school choice policies around the country, and the pros/cons of them? Marty Lukin with Ed Choice explains!


The IRS Hates You

August 10, 2022

Congress is hiring 80,000 new agents to help steal your money. They're going to try and pass it off as trying to tax the billionaires, but really, they're coming for you. Congressional Clickbait part


S2Ep. 29 (3/3): Are We Dooming Our Children? | With Connor Boyack

August 08, 2022

Are we dooming our children by leaving them to the public school system? Our educational system drives out creativity and creates kids who are suffering through the everyday challenge of being forced


S2Ep. 29 (2/3): Your Children are Being Indoctrinated | With Connor Boyack

August 07, 2022

Revisiting our conversation with Connor Boyack, creator of the Tuttle Twins books and a part of the Libertas Think Tank. We have important conversations about education and teaching your children the


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