10-25-2019 Stranger Than Fiction with Ralph Dlugas

It’s a show like none you’ve ever heard before. A thoughtful examination of the intersection of science and faith.

1 thought on “10-25-2019 Stranger Than Fiction with Ralph Dlugas”

  1. Hi Ralph, I listen to you on a May 1 broadcast with Julie Rhodes and was fascinated. A while back I was instructed to write a book called, The Recruit. That instruction, I believe, came from above. I would like to send a copy of it in PDF for your review. How to book came about is still a shock to me. I’d like to tell you about it. Up until that May 1 broadcast with you as a guest speaker, I didn’t know you existed. I’m pleased to know there are others that think as I do. I can be contacted at 435-757-4398.


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