7-31-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* FL Rep. Matt Gaetz Corners Google Boss — with His Own Employees’ Words! Google Using ‘Market Dominance’ in Search to Engage in ‘Election Interference’.

* Daily Caller Experienced Google Suppression, Says Editor in Chief.

* Jim Jordan Cites Censorship of Breitbart News as One Reason Big Tech ‘Is Out to Get Conservatives’.

* Madonna Censored by Instagram for Posting Video of Frontline Doctors.

* Twitter Suspends PragerU, Prominent Conservatives, and Doctors for Commenting on HCQ.

* Donald Trump: Congress ‘All Talk and No Action’ on Big Tech.

* Tucker Carlson to Rep. Jim Jordan on Google: ‘Why Do You Think They Would Give You Money and Why Would You Take It?’.

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