6-13-2020 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

  • * MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell asked during her show Friday if white people are “capable in large numbers” of “grieving for the loss of a black child.
  • * People of color sounded the alarm about facial recognition and aren’t getting credit – Facial recognition has always troubled people of color. Everyone should listen! It’s one of many surveillance issues first raised by black and brown communities.
  • * Business Insider pushed a fake narrative claiming zero states have “started to use” contact tracing technology by Apple and Google for COVID-19. However, we instantly knew from our research that this is false – LC.org.
  • * To hold these fake news outlets accountable, Liberty Counsel Action pushed past these talking points and got the truth directly from the developer of North Dakota’s COVID-19 app “Care19.”
  • * There are 10 states that are either currently using contact tracing apps relying on the tech from these companies or under contract to start very shortly. This is a stunning, unconstitutional breach of privacy.
  • * Our nation is at a crossroads—our privacy is being invaded at a level unimaginable to our Founding Fathers. Will we accept it or fight it?
  • * We are facing outright lies in the media about what is happening with contact tracing. Right now, the privacy of 50 million Americans is under direct attack and many more are under surveillance.

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