9-9-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show

As hard as I try to remain unphased by the upcoming general election, it’s clear that this one has potential for making big waves. In the past 24 hours, I’ve come across two different articles that warn of an unsettling possibility: a coup to remove Trump from the presidency, if he wins reelection.

What once seemed like pure political fantasy on the part of Washington D.C. insiders is looking a lot more plausible given the events of the past few months.

The big question for most of us isn’t who to support in the political reassurance ritual. It’s how can we prepare for a complete and comprehensive attempt to seize total political power over our lives without our consent? There are no easy answers but I suspect the best preparation will start with ensuring our character and principles are intact and unshakeable. Everything else seems pretty up in the air.

When more than 600,000 people came together for the Sturgis motorcycle rally, the doomers warned us it would be the worst thing ever. Now they’re claiming that the rally spawned a quarter million new cases. Elizabeth Nolan Brown and Tom Woods both have done a marvelous job of showing how this shameless fear mongering for the lie that it is.

Is it possible that the pandemic has mostly run its course and we’re just going through the motions to prevent its spread? Did you see where nearly 11,000 students at a number of universities tested positive for Covid? Did you hear how NONE of them required hospitalization? Tucker Carlson had a conversation with Adam Corrolla about the fear-pimping that rules our land.

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