9-11-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

One of the major justifications for the ever-expanding welfare state in our lives is the notion that, “If government didn’t do it, who would?” Jean Vilbert has a novel idea: What if charity replaced taxation?

We take a lot for granted. The food on our tables is a prime example. Art Carden has an eye-opening article about what the poorest of the poor in the world are doing to keep themselves and others fed. If nothing else, you’ll be amazed at their resourcefulness.

We all need philosophical heroes to whom we can look for inspiration. Leisa Miller has a timely take on why Millennials should consider ditching Karl Marx for Ayn Rand instead.

You don’t have to be a John Bircher to recognize that there’s been a concerted effort to created centralized government at a global level for many years. As Curt Ellis explains, climate change once was the favored battering ram to break down our local and individual sovereignty. Nowadays, it’s Covid-19. And it’s having remarkable effect at bringing global government closer to reality.

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