8-31-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

Is it just me or is the Covid-19 narrative beginning to fall apart like a soup sandwich? It’s quickly becoming clear that deaths from this virus have been grossly overstated by the CDC. How much so? You better have a seat before you hear the actual numbers.

The pandemic has been tough on everyone, especially kids. Emma Freire has some timely tips for helping weary kids get through the ordeal without becoming little basket cases.

If nothing else, the past few months should have sharpened our appreciation for our liberty. Jeff Minnick has a great essay on how the  upheaval has given us a chance to start appreciating things that most of us have been taking for granted in a big way.

Are we becoming a faceless nation? George Gilder has an interesting take on the face mask issue and what it says about the choice we’re facing as a nation this coming election.

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