7-21-2020 Loving Liberty with Bryan Hyde hr 2

2 thoughts on “7-21-2020 Loving Liberty with Bryan Hyde hr 2”

  1. We need your take on ammon bundy joining the blm rally in boise…. alot of conflicting info around this. I personally have been supporting the bundys since the bunkerville standoff and was there to provide what resources I could on d day as one could describe it. But things have shifted and the people are confused. I believe that you might be able to shed some light on the current developments in Idaho! Thank you Brian for all that you do to spread the words of freedom and liberty!

    • Oh, and sorry that my phone decided how to spell your name…..lol B.r.y.a.n. lol thats the only way I could get it to stop correcting me! Lol


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