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News the networks refuse to use

By Sam Bushman


Radio Show Hour 1 – 08/05/2022

August 05, 2022

* Guest: Ariela Moscowitz, Director of Communications of Decriminalize Sex Work (DSW) End Human Trafficking. Promote Health & Safety – We will never stop fighting for bodily autonomy –


Radio Show Hour 2 – 08/05/2022

August 05, 2022

* InfoWars host Alex Jones was ordered to pay $4.1M by an Austin jury Thursday.

* Musk Fires At Twitter, Citing Fraud. Twitter called the claims false and irrelevant.

* The Department of Transportation is proposing changes to federal policy that guide flight refunds, providing more recourse for passengers when airlines cancel flights or significantly alter a flight’s schedule, route or seat categories – If a new federal policy goes into effect, Americans will have more recourse when airlines cancel or significantly delay flights.

* US Calls Rise Of Monkeypox An Emergency.

* Tuesday’s resounding referendum victory for abortion rights supporters in Kansas provides some evidence that the political landscape. has shifted – The victory, by a 59-41 margin occured in a Republican stronghold.

* Abortion Rights Might Win Voter Support in 40 States.

* Guest: Rod Collins,

* Wiki Management: A Revolutionary New Model for A Rapidly Changing and Collaborative World.

* Nobody is Smarter than Everybody!


Radio Show Hour 1 – 08/04/2022

August 04, 2022

* Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook massacre was “100% real” as he testifies.

* After Alex Jones’ lawyers leak years of emails, Infowars financial documents are revealed in court.

* Free Speech Systems LLC, the Alex Jones-owned company behind Infowars, filed for bankruptcy, according to federal court records.

* Why Did Free Speech Systems File for Bankruptcy? – Chapter 11 bankruptcies are frequently dubbed “reorganization” cases. They generally allow companies to remain in control of their own operations and do not require companies to liquidate their assets.

* Guest: Bryan Rust – Over the past 50 years, Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals –

* Guest: Kelly Finnegan, Senior Chemist Joins us on air.

* Honest Money Report: Gold: $1781.60 Silver: $20.24.

* Fact Check: Did The White House ‘Change the Definition of Recession’?

* Wikipedia Attempts To Change The Definition Of ‘Recession’ 41 Times.

* Donald Trump, Jr., stated in a Twitter post, “Apparently The White House is changing the definition of recession this week so we can pretend that we’re not in one.”

* He Lost $187M in Bitcoin, Has Idea How to Get It Back James Howells’ latest plan involves AI.

* Credit Scores for Millions Were Wrong Equifax glitch affected reports over 3 weeks, possibly changing interest rates or causing loan rejections.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 08/04/2022

August 04, 2022

* Rutgers University microbiologist Dr. Richard Ebright testified before the US Senate Wednesday that top public health officials lied about dangerous gain-of-function (GoF) research experiments conducted in China.

* Senators on a key Homeland Security Subcommittee argued for an expansive review of gain-of-function research, which opponents argue may have created the COVID-19 virus.

* Dr. Robert Malone: COVID-19 Vaccines Hinder the Immune System, Lead to More Severe Illness –

* this phenomenon is the result of a process called “immune imprinting,” whereby initial exposure to a virus strain may prevent the body from producing enough neutralizing antibodies against a newer strain. This process is reinforced by multiple inoculations.

* Do you support bussing illegals to DC?

* Guest: Dave Shestokas, Attorney, and Author of Two Books Constitutional Sound Bites and Creating the Declaration of Independence –

* Constitution Educational Series – Constitutionally Speaking.

* The Declaration is the inspiration and the Constitution is the execution.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 08/03/2022

August 03, 2022

* Guest: James Edwards – Race, Politics & Hypocrisy in 21st Century America –

* Aesop’s Fables: A man is known by the company he keeps!

* Ammon Bundy is guilty of Nothing!

* What Is a Research Associate?


Radio Show Hour 2 – 08/03/2022

August 03, 2022

* Eric Trump appears on radio program that sparked controversy for his brother – Daniella Diaz, CNN.

* Right-wing U.S. sheriffs vow to probe 2020 voter-fraud claims – Peter Eisler, Reuters

* The Six Degrees of Separation Theory and How it Works!

* The Ass and His Purchaser!

* The CNN Mack Attack!


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/29/2022

July 29, 2022

* US District Judge Matthew McFarland, a Trump appointee, Orders Air Force officials on July 27 Not to Punish Members Seeking Religious Exemptions to the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate! –

* Guest: Roger Fuller, Election Fraud Data Anylist – Are you familiar with the Edison System?

* How Do We Beet The Rig?

* Experts: Hunter Biden’s Failure to Register as Foreign Agent Could Mean Prison –


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/29/2022

July 29, 2022

* Guest: Dr. Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation –

* Biden’s dollar plan a deeply troubling development – March 9, 2022, Biden quietly signed Executive Order 14067 – Buried inside this order is a sinister provision that sets the stage for: Legal government surveillance of all US citizens, Total control over your bank accounts and purchases.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/28/2022

July 28, 2022

* Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis? Ben Carson weighs in on 2024 –

* Trump is the likely Republican nominee in 2024, but Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is in a good position to win in 2028 and occupy the Oval Office for eight years, suggests former Trump Cabinet member Dr. Ben Carson.

* The midterm elections will produce a political ad spending total of $8.4 billion, Kantar CMAG predicts, close to 2020’s $9 billion result. Vice President Steve Passwaiter says that more than $4 billion will go to broadcast TV, which retains its political ad dominance.

* Guest: Wendy Kinney, Founder and CEO of Revere Payments –

* Freedom To Do Business – Cancel Culture Has No Place Here! No one should have to sacrifice their first amendment rights for fear that the payment processors needed to run your business will terminate you because of your beliefs. We believe in better payment processing for all!

* We hope that you will spread the word that there is a world-class payment provider that will protect your freedom do business and support your conservative values.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/28/2022

July 28, 2022

* Guest: James Edwards – Race, Politics & Hypocrisy in 21st Century America –

* New at Sovren: Ben Swann’s Truth in Media: Facebook “Full of CIA Agents” Deciding Content Policy.

* Trump To Sue CNN Over ‘Repeated Defamatory Statements’.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/27/2022

July 27, 2022

* Can We Rely on Wind and Solar Energy? – Are you Familiar with the Diluteness and Intermittence Problems?

* Glenn Beck: Say THIS if the ATF comes to YOUR door asking to see guns!

* Scotland County, Missouri sheriff Bryan Whitney says even under ‘threat of arrest’ he will not release gun owners’ info to FBI ‘I will go down with the ship if need be!


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/27/2022

July 27, 2022

* Guest: Jim Babka, President of Downsize DC Foundation &

* Gracearchy A New Podcast From Our Good Friend Jim Babka on YouTube.

* 1.2 million Liberals are trying to impeach Clarence Thomas!

* AOC Unhinged: ‘Abolish’ the Supreme Court to Save the Planet.

* Majority of Democrats, young people want to abolish Supreme Court: Poll The majority 54% of people ages 19 to 39 wanted the court abolished. Overall, just 37% of total voters agreed, according to the Rasmussen poll.

* Poll: Democrats Want To ABOLISH The Supreme Court – Only 33% of Democrats view the court favorably, while 63% have an unfavorable opinion of the court, including 40% of Democrats who have a Very Unfavorable view – By contrast, 72% of Republicans and 52% of independent voters have a favorable opinion.

* Guest: Dr. Shannon Kroner, Founder and Executive Director of Freedom of Religion United Solutions FOR-US – – Finding solutions to protect it.

* NO T-shirts – One Nation Under GOD Shirts.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/25/2022

July 25, 2022

* Guest: Lowell Nelson – –

* Political Leadership School on Saturday, August 6 – It will be held at the Salt Lake Community College in Sandy, Utah. This one-day school will be taught by a nationally acclaimed instructor from the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership (FACL, Kirk Shelley from Oklahoma –

* Letter to NCAA President: Investigate Harms Caused by the COVID Clot Shots – – “No College Mandates” had sent a letter to NCAA President Mark Emmert, encouraging the NCAA to do the following three things: investigate vaccine injuries among college athletes; end discrimination based on vaccination status; and stop discriminating against student athletes who choose not to get vaccinated.

* One Armed Citizen Stopped a Mass Killing – – Chuck wrote, “Think about it: One 22-year-old armed citizen in Indiana was able to do in less than two minutes what over one hundred professional law enforcement officers in Texas were unable to do in over an hour: namely, take down a single would-be mass killer and save the lives of countless numbers of innocent people.”

* The Real Story of Job – We all face opposition when we oppose evil. How we handle it is our test.

* The decision: The use of agency – This is a great story! Job recognizes the evil, is told the consequences of his actions, and is told that Satan will come after him with a vengeance. But he girds up his loins nonetheless and destroys the temple of Satan.

* We must stay engaged in the sacred cause of liberty. But what will be the consequences of doing that? Opposition from the Adversary, of course. Expect it.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/25/2022

July 25, 2022

* Guest: Dr. Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation –

* Happy Pioneer Day! – Why is July 24 a holiday in Utah? What are we celebrating? Pioneer Day marks the anniversary of July 24, 1847.

* The Government (Deep State) in Bed with the CIA Controled Media Has Now Declared War on “We The People”!

* Leftists have been attempting to redefine the terms “male” and “female” for years, Now Merriam-Webster is now following suit – Grant Atkinson, The Western Journal.

* the definition of the word “female” in the online version of the venerable dictionary has been changed to include “having a gender identity that is the opposite of male.”

* The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, whose recent documentary “What Is a Woman?” addressed this very topic, noted the change on Twitter. “It was bound to happen,” Walsh wrote. “Merriam-Webster has changed its dictionary definition of ‘female’ to appease the trans activists.”

* Dr. Deborah Birx: I knew shots would not prevent COVID infection, ‘I think we overplayed the vaccines’ – Art Moore,

* Dr. Birx, confesses she manipulated data and quietly altered CDC guidance without authorization – “Let’s be very clear, 50% of the people who died from the omicron surge were older, vaccinated,”

* An analysis of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccine trials found the mRNA shots are more likely to land a recipient in the hospital than to provide protection from a severe adverse event. The findings were similar to those of a recent pre-print analysis that found “no evidence of a reduction in overall mortality in the mRNA vaccine trials.” And a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that two doses of the mRNA vaccines increased the risk of COVID-19 infection during the omicron wave.

* Disney changes ‘fairy godmothers’ to gender-neutral ‘apprentices’ at theme parks.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/23/2022

July 23, 2022

* Guest: Chris Carlson – Without God, we can never win, With God, we can never lose, The Battle for Freedom is the Lord’s, but we need to be engaged in the fight! – Discussion of All Things Liberty.

* Documentary: What Really Happened on Jan 6th? The Real Story! – EpochTV Live,

* The Government (Deep State) in Bed with the CIA Controled Media Has Now Declared War on “We The People”!

* Jake Lang: “That’s cruel and unusual punishment and specifically, because they want to send a signal out to the rest of Americans, if you ever dare to stand for your Constitution and for your civil liberties we will call you a domestic Terrorist, we will drag you away from your home and family and community and we will put you in deplorable conditions, torture you into ridiculous plea deals, and meanwhile drag your name through the mud throughout all mainstream media and call you white supremists and domestic terrorist and violent insurrectionist and all this ridiculous nonsense…”

* Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnel provide greater security (The National Guard) that day? Why are they not being implicated in this crime?


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/23/2022

July 23, 2022

* Biden is Unconstitutionally bypassing Congress to fight climate ’emergency’.

* Ira Einhorn, The Earth Day Fraud Who Became Known As ‘The Unicorn.

* American Farmers: ‘WARNING! Food shortages ahead!’

* If God does not exist, who then has the authority to set the ideal temperature? About a third of this planet is uninhabitable because it is too cold, but there is no place on this planet where humankind does not exist because it is too hot. Wouldn’t global warming increase the inhabitable portion of this world?

* Who Gets to Set the Temperature?

* Lake Mead provides water to millions of people in seven states across the Western US But drought exacerbated by climate change has caused the reservoir to shrink to its lowest level since the Great Depression.

* “The Supreme Court curbed the EPA’s ability to regulate climate change, setting limits on how the agency can deal with power plants – The Hill – With the court putting a halt to this plot, the Left has now gone from calling for the court to be packed to calling for the court to be outright abolished.

* Thousands Lost Everything In Fire Set by Forest Service – FEMA has distributed about $3.4 million to about 1,000 families, the agency said.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/22/2022

July 22, 2022

* Guest: Michael Peroutka, Constitution Party Presidential Nominee in 2004, Wins Republican Primary for Maryland Attorney General! –

* Institute on the Constitution: Pray, Study, Act – Join our mission to restore the Constitutional Republic through grassroots education, Become a Member Today –

* Election Integrity Has Now Become The Quintessential Issue Before Us!

* Guest: Josh Philipp, investigative reporter –

* Video: What Really Happened on Jan 6th? – Premiering Today, July 22nd] The Real Story of January 6 Documentary – EpochTV Live!


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/22/2022

July 22, 2022

* Guest: Dr. Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation –

* What Happens When Fusion Centers Become Weaponized?

* National Fusion Center Association – Helping Protect America Not! –


* Biden is Unconstitutionally bypassing Congress to fight climate ’emergency’.

* Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19! White House Claims It Doesn’t Matter Where Biden Got COVID.

* Biden admin sues Arizona over law requiring proof of citizenship to vote in federal elections – The Justice Department contends Arizona’s H.B. 2492 violates the National Voter Registration Act and the 1964 Civil Rights Act –


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/21/2022

July 21, 2022

* Guest: Eldon Stahl – Field Coordinator – The John Birch Society – –

* Guests: Bryan Rust and Kelly Finnegan, Over the past 50 years, Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals –

* DHS Creates New Fusion Centers, Taking Control of Local Police – Joe Wolverton,

* Fusion Centers are state-owned and operated centers that serve as focal points in states and major urban areas for the receipt, analysis, gathering and sharing of threat-related information between State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT), federal and private sector partners.

* What Happens When Fusion Centers Become Weaponized?

* Fusion Centers: A Dangerous Surveillance Partnership –

* Honest Money Report: Gold: $1703.70 Silver: $18.66.

* Biden’s Federal Reserve has created an economic disaster, with inflation now “officially” over 9% – But the real inflation rate that the United States is currently experiencing is nearly double what the American people are being told.

* They did it by no longer measuring a constant “basket of goods”, but rather using what’s known as “substitution.” The result has thrown off the real inflation rate for around 40 years, because as prices rise over time for certain goods faster than others, the Federal government just assumes that people naturally switch to buying cheaper, poorer goods of the same type.

* Universal basic income is a proposed government-guaranteed payment that each citizen receives. Its purpose is to ensure all people have the means to purchase necessities and improve their quality of life. Universal basic income is a government-sponsored income program that pays all citizens a specific amount.

* Biden is Unconstitutionally bypassing Congress to fight climate ’emergency’.

* Executive Order 6102 is an executive order signed on April 5, 1933, by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt “forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States.” The executive order was made under the authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, as amended by the Emergency Banking Act in March 1933.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/21/2022

July 21, 2022

* The larger-than-expected GOP vote in the House in support of legislation to codify same-sex marriage suggesting there could be a narrow path to enactment – Same-Sex Marriage Bill Could Move Ahead in the Senate.

* What Is the Definition of Marriage? – Legal VS. Biblical!

* Democrats finally come clean and name their No. 1 enemy: “Biblical Christians”! – If you’re a Christian, America’s ruling elites see you as the enemy – David Kupelian,

* “Will Trump run in 2024? You bet he will. Will he be the GOP nominee? Absolutely. Will he win the election? Yes,”” Dick Morris writes.

* there’s speculation that broadcaster Tucker Carlson may run for president in 2024. During a speech in Des Moines, Iowa, Carlson flirted with a presidential run in his speech to a large gathering of Christian conservative voters.

* Howard Stern says he may run for president, wants to end Electoral College: ‘Not f—–g around’. Stern also said he wants to add five justices to the Supreme Court.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/20/2022

July 20, 2022

* Guest: Casey Whalen, is an investigative journalist, videographer, activist and guest host of the White Rose Resistance Hour on Republic Broadcasting network and is a booking agent for multiple radio programs on various platforms. He has been exposing the Marxist Revolution unfolding in North Idaho which has become a target to control the narrative at a national level.

* Guest: Vicky Davis, co-host of, author of websites: & She has been exposing the inner workings of government systems on a global level and helping people understand the parallel to local government.

* Casey filmed and documented the Pride in the park event in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on June 11, 2022 which included a Drag Queen dance party, the Temple of Satan performing unbaptisms and the arrest of Patriot Front.

* Because of the ongoing Marxist takeover of North Idaho Casey & Vicky have exposed over the last 3 years the organizations and structures working behind the scenes to corrupt and destroy the community.

* They also documented how the City of Boise is working directly with the Western States Center, Which showed the narrative behind the scenes of how they covered up a rape by immigrants.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/20/2022

July 20, 2022

* Guests: Casey Whalen, Vicky Davis, Special Two Hour Interview Continues!

* Uniting Neighbors to Defend Their Families, Faith, Freedom and Future – Become a Member of People’s Rights – – Text RIGHTS To 80123.

* The Global Agenda Carried out on the Local Level Via Secret Combinations!

* Are you aware of Institute for Research Education & Human Rights (IREHR)?


* Casey has exposed via public records requests – The director of the local Human Rights Education Institute (HREI) has a HR Steering Committee which consists of local law enforcement Kootenai County Sheriff, CdA Police, Idaho State Police, the FBI and other local entities.

* How the Spokane County Sheriff through the use of RIG9 (regional intelligence group 9) disseminated information of Casey taking Idaho State Constitutions to local police & sheriff departments in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho via the Washington State Fusion Center which has ties to a regional organization called the Pacific Northwest Economic Region consisting of 5 provinces in Canada and the Northwest States of the United States.

* Casey attended the Mike Lindell Cyber Symposium with the New American Magazine in August of last year and has filmed many presentations & interviewed Dr. Douglas Frank to help promote his explanation of how elections in the State of Idaho have been corrupted.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/19/2022

July 19, 2022

* Guest: Richard Mack Founder and President of CSPOA – A partnership between citizens and local law enforcement, especially sheriffs. Mack encourages those not in law enforcement to stand with their sheriffs. –

* Today is the Maryland 2022 Primary – We are praying for the success of Michael Peroutka, Republican candidate for MD Attorney General!

* Indiana shopping mall shooter shot dead by armed ‘good Samaritan – Greenwood Chief James Ison said “a good Samaritan 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken with a handgun” at the scene killed the shooter.

* Guest: Tina Peters, Shedding A Light on Elections –

* One brave public official has finally stepped forward to blow the whistle on the lack of transparency and security in our elections—and the Left is determined to take her down.

* “People have been asking me to run for Secretary of State long before I announced my run for Clerk and Recorder – they’re tired of things not being transparent, knowing there’s something wrong here.” – Tina Peters.

* Sadly They have a Slash and Burn Scorched-earth Policy when it comes to Tina!


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/19/2022

July 19, 2022

* CSPOA Video – Election Integrity!

* These People are being Selected Not Elected!

* Get CSPOA SMS Text Updates! Simply text the letters CSPOA to 53445.

* Archives of the Simulcast of the Sheriff Mack show and Liberty RoundTable Live can be found in Video at and Audio at


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/18/2022

July 18, 2022

* Guest: Lowell Nelson – –

* Desertification – TED Talk Feb 2013, Allan Savory.

* Dutch Farmers Rise Up Against Food System ‘Reset’ – Dr. Joseph Mercola,

“We are facing a food crisis and they want to shut down farms in the name of climate change? I guess they really want you to eat the bugs and be happy. They are working on making meat so expensive that the common people won’t be able to afford it. Are you enjoying The Great Reset?”

* Bill Gates is the single largest private owner of farmland in the United States with nearly 270,000 acres under his ownership at the end of last year – He just purchased more than 2,100 acres of farmland in North Dakota.

* The Centralization of Nations: What Does This Mean for You? – Dr. Igor Shepherd,


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/18/2022

July 18, 2022

* Guest: Dr. Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation –

* Will 100 Million Die From the COVID Vax by 2028? – Dr. JOSEPH MERCOLA,

* David Martin, Ph.D., presents evidence that COVID-19 injections are not vaccines, but bio-weapons that are being used as a form of genocide across the global population.

* Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda – A film by award-winning filmmaker Andy Wakefield, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Children’s Health Defense.

* Watch the chilling tale of African women whose fertility was tragically stripped away through an experimental tetanus vaccination program. Are women everywhere next?

* The Nazification of American Medicine – Contributor & author: Dr. Richard Amerling, MD.

* Anthony Fauci: “One of the things that’s clear from the data is that vaccines because of the high degree of transmissibility of this virus don’t protect overly well, as it were, against infection,”

* Bombshell Study: Natural immunity, or the immunity conferred via a previous COVID-19 infection, provides superior protection against the virus when compared with vaccines.

* Health experts quit CDC, NIH and FDA due to ‘bad science’ – Mass exodus amid low morale causing staffing shortages – Art Moore,

* Ivana Trump’s Death Is Ruled Accidental – She died by blunt impact injuries, according to NYC’s chief medical examiner.

* The first in-depth report on the Uvalde school shooting, released to the public and victims’ families, determined that top-to-bottom failures combined to turn the May 24 attack into the worst school shooting in Texas history. “Systemic failures and egregious poor decision making” included school officials who failed to follow established safety plans and responding law officers who failed to follow their training for active-shooter situations and delayed confronting the gunman for more than an hour, the 77-page report by a specially created Texas House committee concluded. “They failed to prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own safety,” the report said of law officers.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/16/2022

July 17, 2022

* Guests: Connor Boyack and Daniel Harmon, The Tuttle Twins – The Tuttle Twins – –

* Shawna Cox, Freedom Fighter Extraordinaire!

* It’s all about Education – To Educate is to Liberate!

Intentional Vicious Intimidation!


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/16/2022

July 17, 2022

* Guest: Lydia Nuttall, Ask An Immigrant Show –

* Author: – Celebrating America’s Constitution!

* Guest: David Silverman, Atheists for Liberty is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending the fundamental freedoms that support the human quest for knowledge and the separation of religion & government –

* Guest: Carla Howell, Singer, Songwriter, Liberty Activist! – Liberty Minded Composer, Recording Artist and Film Maker –

* Guest: Dale Worswick, Brand Advicate Petclub 247 –


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/15/2022

July 15, 2022

* Cathy Smith, President of Loving Liberty Networks –

* Molly Stratford, Executive Assistant Loving Liberty Networks –

* Chase Williams, Host of The TAC Show –

* What is a Tactical American Conversation? It is a respectful and thoughtful exchange of ideas. It is a combination of listening and speaking, and it is always accompanied by humility and learning. There is a way to be bold without being bull-headed, and a way to hear others without being trampled by them.

* Guest: Brandon Davis, Libertarian Candidate for NV Gov. –

* What We’re Fighting For – LIBERTIES AND RIGHTS – Brandon believes that every human being is born with natural rights and liberties, including property rights, rights to bear arms, rights to bodily autonomy, rights to self ownership, rights to speech, rights to who we choose to have relationships with, among others. I believe the government has no business dictating, legislating, or infringing on any of these rights because they’re not given to us by the government…we were born with them.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/15/2022

July 15, 2022

* Guest: Cutter Clinton, Panola, County, TX Sheriff Elect!

* Guest: Darr Leaf, Barry County, MI Sheriff!


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/12/2022

July 12, 2022

* Guest: Richard Mack Founder and President of CSPOA – A partnership between citizens and local law enforcement, especially sheriffs. Mack encourages those not in law enforcement to stand with their sheriffs. –

* Sam Bushman Live from the middle of the Mojave desert, in City of Sin!

* Sam Bushman and Richard Mac Discuss press-conference day!

* Texas and Arizona Republican parties and all of Maricopa County declaring voter fraud.

* Sam Bushman and Richard Mac go into depth about illegal voters, and the biden administration is trying to sue Arizona!

* Guest: Clare Vanstainwick and he ran for congress in 2018, now running for State Senator.

* Sheriff Mac Publicly endorses Clare Vanstainwick even though he lost to him in the 2018, can we get more Richards instead of politicians?

* Clare Vanstainwick declares Biden and China are our biggest issues in the present day!

* Sam Bushman, Richard Mac, and Clare Vanstainwick briefly talk about voter fraud.

* Press Conference is at 10:00am and Sam invites you!, come get your free lunch!


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/12/2022

July 12, 2022

* fraud, fraud and more fraud watch out people!, Sam and Richard Mac talk about all the crazy voter fraud in America.

* Guest: Jeff Zink.

* Archives of the Simulcast of the Sheriff Mack show and LibertyRoundTable Live can be found in Video at and Audio at


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/09/2022

July 09, 2022

* Guest: Chris Carlson – Without God, we can never win, With God, we can never lose, The Battle for Freedom is the Lord’s, but we need to be engaged in the fight! – Discussion of All Things Liberty.

* Sam talks to Chris about Ken Crowmar, and the Kangaroo Court.

* Joseph Mccarthy and Mccarthyism, who is he? and how does that work?, and are you familiar with the dark art of projection?


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/09/2022

July 09, 2022

* Georgia Guidestones or Georgia Hidestones?, Sam and Chris respond to the Georgia Guidestones collapse, and present the idea that some conspiracy may be involved for them taking down the rest of the Guidestones.

* Sam Sounds-off on the Ideology behind the Guidestones and their Intentions on Global Tyranny.

* Are Psychiatric Drugs Really the Leading Cause of Mass Shootings?, reality check from Ben Swann.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/08/2022

July 08, 2022

* Guest: Dr. Scott Bradley – To Preserve The Nation –

* Guest: Ken Cromar, Please SUPPORT: Barbie & Ken vs. Goliath IRS If it could happen to Barbie & Ken, it could happen to you –

* Barbie and Ken Denied Right to Subpoena Witnesses for Crooked IRS Trial!

* Are You A “Vexatious Litigant”? – Do you even know what that means?

* Blocking and striking record of all filings because considered “vexatious” litigant which is impossible because they did not bring suit, but rather they are the victims of the suit, and are simply Defending themselves.

* Denial of witnesses of Ken’s choosing.

* Denial of Counsel claiming had to be “state-licensed BAR attorney”


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/08/2022

July 08, 2022

* Guest: Ken Cromar Interview Continued –

* The Declaration of Independence was Written and Carried out Why? Because of a “vexatious Government”!

* Has Ken Been Forced into an Unconstitutional Star Chamber?

* Witness tampering / my hostile witnesses Nathan & Michael Eddington coached by prosecutor just prior to testimony.

* Does “The BAR” Stand for British Accredited Registry?

* Will Barbie & Ken File an Appeal?


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/07/2022

July 07, 2022

* Guest: Bryan Rust – Over the past 50 years, Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals –

* Guest: Kelly Finnegan, Senior Chemist Joins us on air.

* Honest Money Report: Gold: $1742.10 Silver: $19.46.

* Federal Reserve Announces ‘Global Digital Currency’ to Replace US Dollar – Tentatively called Fedcoin, this Federal Reserve cryptocurrency could replace the dollar as we know it.

* Fedcoin: A New Scheme for Tyranny and Poverty – Ron Paul.

* The Biden administration unveiled a new plan to make it easier for the government to wipe away student loans and end interest capitalization.

* The Biden Administration will cancel student debt for over half a million students from Corinthian Colleges, formerly one of the largest for-profit colleges, totalling nearly $5.8B in loans.

* 43.4M Students hold a total of $1.762T in debt.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/07/2022

July 07, 2022

* Press Conference Event July 12th, 2022.

* Guest: Phillip F Tourney, Three-time president and Former Chairman USS Liberty Veterans Association –

* Phil: Our goal with the Liberty Veterans show is all in to make this show a one-of-a-kind hit. You will hear from the survivor’s firsthand testimony family members and notables.

* President Kamala Harris?


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/06/2022

July 06, 2022

* Texas Sheriff Brad Coe Makes Bold Move to ‘Protect the Constitution’ –

* Coe said Border Patrol told him they could take the four uninjured illegal aliens into custody for processing only if they had been checked medically first.

* Google said it will automatically erase location data for users who visit abortion providers amidst concerns law enforcement could use the data to prosecute illegal abortions.

* It took just a few hours for Politicians to call for gun control Monday in the wake of a shooting during a July 4 parade in Highland Park, Illinois. A shooter fired at the holiday parade from a rooftop, killing six people.

* Carlos Santana collapsed on stage at the Pine Knob Music Theatre in Michigan on Tuesday night in the middle of his concert. He suffered a medical emergency, according to TMZ. Santana reportedly sat down in front of the drums before falling backward.

* Rock Legend Carlos Santana was over-taken by heat exhaustion and dehydration during a concert Tuesday.

* The CDC is pressuring family physicians to push COVID-19 vaccines for young children, according to an email obtained by Politico.

* COVID Vaccines Increase Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold, COVID Vaccines Increase Menstrual Irregularities Thousandfold, Fetal Abnormalities Hundredfold, Doctors’ VAERS Analysis.

* Dr. James Thorp, a maternal-fetal medicine expert, painstakingly analyzed and verified the most recent Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) data related to COVID-19 vaccines and compared them to the influenza vaccines.

* “COVID-19 vaccines compared to the influenza vaccines are associated with increases in menstrual disorders, miscarriage, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, fetal cystic hygroma, fetal malformations, fetal cardiac arrest, fetal cardiac arrhythmias, fetal cardiac disorders, fetal vascular mal-perfusion abnormalities, abnormal fetal surveillance testing, abnormal fetal growth patterns, placental thrombosis, and fetal death,” Thorp told The Epoch Times last week.

* Abnormal uterine bleeding (menstrual irregularity) is 1000-fold greater.

* Miscarriages are 50-fold greater.

* Fetal chromosomal abnormalities are 100-fold greater.

* Fetal malformation is 50-fold greater.

* Fetal cystic hygroma (a major malformation) is 90-fold greater.

* Fetal cardiac disorders are 40-fold greater.

* Fetal arrhythmia is 50-fold greater.

* Fetal cardiac arrest is 200-fold greater.

* Fetal vascular mal-perfusion is a 100-fold greater.

* Fetal growth abnormalities are 40-fold greater.

* Fetal abnormal surveillance tests are 20-fold greater.

* Fetal placental thrombosis is 70-fold greater.

* Thorp said that he verified his analysis with a DOD (Department of Defense) statistical consultant that agreed to help him on the condition of anonymity.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/06/2022

July 06, 2022

* Guest: James Edwards – Race, Politics & Hypocrisy in 21st Century America –

* Joe Biden’s approval rating has slipped again as Americans struggle to survive record-high inflation, according to a Monmouth University poll. Just 36% of respondents said they approve of the job Biden is doing while 58% disapprove.

* Nearly Half of California Voters Disapprove of Governor Gavin Newsom – Poll.

* California Gov. Gavin Newsom launches ads urging Floridians to leave Florida.

* City of Orlando says people ‘probably don’t want to celebrate’ July 4th.

* Joey Chestnut wins record 15th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest – 63 dogs.

* The queen reigns: Miki Sudo won her eighth Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest – Eating a total of 40 hot dogs.

* Joey Chestnut Tackles Protester During Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Still Manages to Win.

* A group of protesters, including a man who stormed the stage, at the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July hot dog eating contest were criminally charged on Tuesday. Police said Scott Gilbertson, 21, of California, was charged with, disorderly conduct, harassment and criminal trespassing after being arrested during the event Monday.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/05/2022

July 05, 2022

* Guest: Richard Mack Founder and President of CSPOA – A partnership between citizens and local law enforcement, especially sheriffs. Mack encourages those not in law enforcement to stand with their sheriffs. –

* California officials released two men arrested for possessing 150,000 fentanyl pills during a traffic stop. A California court released two drug traffickers charged with possessing, transporting, and selling enough fentanyl to “kill millions of people,” reported Fox News.

* Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux didn’t support the judge’s decision to release the two men.

* The California Attorney General’s Office leaked the named and addresses of thousands of gun owners across the state, The Reload reported. Files leaked from the database included the home addresses, full names and dates of birth for every gun owner in the state.

* Do you know the Lyrics to “The Cheap Seats” an Alabama song?

For Hour 2, go to and watch it in video!


Radio Show Hour 1 – 07/04/2022

July 04, 2022

* RIP – Heartbreak as Dr Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko loses four-year battle with rare form of cancer – He invented the “Zelenko Protocol” as a Covid-19 treatment, which is reported to have saved “millions of lives worldwide”.

* Sam Broadcasts Live From The Historic St. George, Utah Tabernacle!

* The LRT Team Would Like to be First to Wish All of You A Happy Fourth Of July 2022! – God Bless The Greatest Country On Earth!

* Guest: Kathy Smith, Owner of Loving Liberty Radio Network –

* It’s a Team Thing.

* Liberty is Freedom Rightly “Applied!

* We Must Remember Our History Of Liberty – Freedom Isn’t Free.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 07/04/2022

July 04, 2022

* Have you heard of the new Ask an Immigrant Podcast?

* What is your Trajectory? Which Way do You Face?

* George Washington Sam’s Great Hero!

* Sam Doubles Down, Issues A Great Plea for All of Us to Remember Our Godly and American Hermitage and Turn to God and Stand for Liberty!!


Radio Show Hour 1 – 06/30/2022

June 30, 2022

* Guest: Bryan Rust – Over the past 50 years, Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals –

* Guest: Kelly Finnegan, Senior Chemist Joins us on air.

* Honest Money Report: Gold: $1824.50 Silver: $20.71.

* Norm Franz: “Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants – but debt is the money of slaves.”!

* Inflation Forces Central Bankers to Ponder a Global New Normal – NYT.

* Bitcoin in a dumpster fire: Massive liquidations, Nasdaq correlation.

* Bed Bath & Beyond – one of the first companies to stop selling Mike Lindell’s MyPillow products because he challenged the result of the 2020 presidential election – now is curbing the air conditioning in its stores to compensate for slumping sales, according to a report from Bank of America – Art Moore,

* The nationwide retailer’s decision in January 2021 to quit selling Lindell’s products was met with a boycott.

* Earlier this month, Walmart discontinued Lindell’s MyPillow product at its stores.

* When you go Woke, you go Broke!

* Podcaster Joe Rogan revealed he would support Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the 2024 presidential election because of the governor’s stance on personal liberties.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 06/30/2022

June 30, 2022

* Guest: Tom Jones, @QuitProof1 – The Run for Freedom is on! Why he’s running 76 marathons in 76 days! –

* Guest: Ryan Murtha, Film Maker with Tom Jones.

* WIRM: Witness + Interdict + Redirect + Maintain!

* It’s a Team Thing!

* He Planted a Giant Sequoia in the UK to Offset His Carbon Footprint for Life – And 700 More to Make a Forest!

* Smell of Desert Rain May Be Good for Health.

* Eating Oily Fish Like Salmon May Cut Risk of Developing Alzheimer’s by Nearly 50%.

* Dedicated Volunteer Works in Charity Shop Despite 4-Hour Commute – And He’s 100 Years Old!


Radio Show Hour 1 – 06/29/2022

June 29, 2022

* Guest: Dr. Murray Sabrin, From the immigrant son of Holocaust survivors to an American Libertarian Icon Sabrin understands and communicates HOW Libertarianism Can Save America –

* Election ?Fraud?

* FORTUNE publishes his forecast on the next bust.

* Inflation, recession and the Federal Reserve. Dr. Murray Sabrin literally wrote the book (actually two books) on the Fed’s direct responsibility for instigating both inflation and recession.

* Supply chain disruptions – including baby formula. Made in DC!

* Navigating the Boom/Bust Cycle: An Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide.

* Has WWIII started? Is the Russia-Ukraine war the flashpoint?

* Is Secession A Real Possibility?

* America: The Next Seventy Years – Video at Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise.

* Gun Control. The Second Amendment is the libertarian answer.

* Immigration. How to end the “invasion.” A proposal from an immigrant.

* Abortion? Pro-life is the libertarian answer.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 06/29/2022

June 29, 2022

* Howard Stern voiced his displeasure with the Supreme Court choosing to overturn Roe v. Wade. “I’m actually going to probably have to run for president now,” Stern, 68, told listeners, according to The Hill.

* Stern is not a fan of the Electoral College system – “I’m going to do the very simple thing that’ll set the country straight. One vote, one person. No more Electoral College. I’m getting rid of it.

* Michael Stenger, who was the United States Senate sergeant at arms who oversaw January 6 found dead!

* Stenger resigned from his duties as Sergeant-at-Arms a day after Jan. 6, 2021.

* During a February 2021 hearing with the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Stenger had called for the investigation of the role of “professional agitators” during the incursion, Daily Mail reported. – “Investigations should be considered as to funding and travel of what appears to be professional agitators,” Stenger said.

* Guest: Dennis Leavitt, President of United We Pledge –

* Celebrating our Freedom, Family, & Faith – “United We Pledge is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, nondenominational foundation established to celebrate our shared responsibility and allegiance to the traditional American values.

* United We Pledge’s goal for the Liberty Village in Hurricane, UT is to restore patriotism in the youth and citizens through educational programs.


Radio Show Hour 1 – 06/28/2022

June 28, 2022

* Guest: Richard Mack Founder and President of CSPOA – A partnership between citizens and local law enforcement, especially sheriffs. Mack encourages those not in law enforcement to stand with their sheriffs. –

* Americans plan on spending a staggering amount of money on alcohol for the 4th of July. – A study from WalletHub indicates people will spend roughly $1.4 Billion on beer and wine to celebrate America’s birthday!

* Dozens of major corporations are offering to pay for their employees to travel out of state and attain abortions! – 56 Companies Announce Abortion Perks. Hundreds More Stay Silent.

* Angeli Rose Gomez: Mom who saved her own kids from Uvalde massacre says she’s now being harassed by police –

* State Supreme Court Rejects Law Giving Non-citizens Vote in NYC – A Court judge from Staten Island said the measure, which would have allowed more than 800,000 non-citizens to vote, violated the State Constitution.

* Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Suddenly Spikes — What’s Going On? – Media outlets around the world have started highlighting a medical phenomenon called ‘sudden adult death syndrome’ – people dying with no sign of illness or underlying health condition. They simply collapse during the day or don’t wake up in the morning –

* CSPOA – Get Our SMS Updates! Simply text the letters CSPOA to 53445.


Radio Show Hour 2 – 06/28/2022

June 28, 2022

* Guest: Racine County, WI Sheriff Chris Schmaling, Election statute was in fact not just broken, but shattered by members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC).

* Sheriff Schmaling refers Wisconsin election commissioners for Criminal Charges – The Good Sheriff Has stepped up and placed the protection of WE THE PEOPLE, and the right for honest and fair elections above politics.

* Sheriff refers Wisconsin election commissioners for criminal charges – Accused of breaking the law during 2020 presidential election – Bob Unruh,

* The Sheriff is also calling on Attorney General Josh Kaul “to conduct a statewide investigation into the illegal directives issued by the Wisconsin Election Commission.”

* Sen. Ron Johnson, formerly headed the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which oversees elections, and said Schmaling’s revelations might “only be the tip of the iceberg of fraud in the 2020 election.”

* Get CSPOA SMS Updates! Simply text the letters CSPOA to 53445.

* Archives of the Simulcast of the Sheriff Mack show and LibertyRoundTable Live can be found in Video at and Audio at


Radio Show Hour 1 – 06/27/2022

June 27, 2022

* Delays? Cancellations? Airlines and FAA trade blame over flight problems.

* ‘BURN IT DOWN’: Pro-choice activists plan next steps after SCOTUS overturns Roe – CNN.

* Planned Parenthood of Utah files lawsuit against the state.

* Protests erupt across US after Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade.

* Violent protest at Arizona State Capitol.

* Abortion protests in Portland turn violent after court ruling.

* LA abortion protest turns violent: Protesters lob ‘rocks and bottles.

* Homeland Security Predicts Weeks Of Violence In Wake Of Roe Decision.

* With Roe v. Wade now overturned, could same-sex marriage be next?

* Donald Trump erupted on top “Republicans in Name Only” on Sunday, issuing a scathing statement saying these “stupid people” are “nasty, jealous, not smart, and of no use to the potential greatness of our country.”

* “They talk, they criticize, and they complain, but they don’t have the ability or talent to get anything done. They are shortsighted ‘losers’, and will never understand what it takes to Make America Great Again!” – Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America.

* Can abortion pills overcome US state bans?

* women often are not informed that the birth control pill can cause an abortion as well as prevent pregnancy.

* Birth Control Pills While the main purpose of birth control pillsare to keep the sperm from fertilizing the egg, if the pill fails, it can act as an abortifacient. Since the pill thins the lining of the uterus, the fertilized egg (aka the baby) will be expelled from the woman’s body despite its fertilization.

* California looks to kill all dissent from approved COVID talking points – But doctor warns it would ‘spell the end of scientific integrity and medical freedom’ – Bob Unruh,


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