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What have you done ...
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What have you done recently to push back against the lockdowns, mandates and climate of fear?  

Erik Hanson
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After spending hours and hours reading about the other side of the expert debate over Covid, and the dozen studies showing there is no evidence masks prevent the spread of influenza/corona like viruses I decided I won't wear one. To me wearing a mask today only encourages a culture of fear based on falsehoods. All the major stores have signs, I walk in anyway. Sometimes they ask at the door where my mask is, I very politely say no thank you, smile and walk on. To date I have not worn a mask anywhere, neither has my wife or our kids. We are still able to shop, sometimes it means walking out of a store; or uncomfortable conversations and looks - but we know in our heart of hearts we are the ones doing the right thing. In fact lately I have made a point to walk up to and introduce myself to anyone else not wearing a mask and thank them for not wearing one - it starts great conversations!


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I guess my question might be... if I choose not to wear a mask, but it causes a lot of contention, is it worth it? Do we do harm by wearing a mask?


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