9-24-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 2 – 9/24/2019
* Guest: Jim Clymer – The Party of “Integrity, Liberty, & Prosperity!” – ConstitutionParty.com.
* Facebook Admits it is a Publisher, not a Free-Speech Platform. That’s Important Because Publishers are not Protected from Lawsuits.
* Facebook:suspended tens of thousands of apps for improperly sucking up users’ personal information and other transgressions, a tacit admission that the scale of its data privacy issues was far larger than it had previously acknowledged.
* FBI Reached Deep for Data, and in Secret.
* The Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know – James Corbett – CorbettReport.com.
* Bridging technology, venture, and intelligence – In-Q-Tel!
* The latest madness on California campuses.
* The Hartford Public Library in Connecticut will host two Drag Queen Story Hour events Saturday as part of the library’s celebration of its LGBTQ “Big Read” campaign.
* Ocasio-Cortez still hasn’t paid her delinquent taxes!
* Franklin Graham Tells Trump Haters to ‘Give It a Rest’.

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