9-20-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman hr 2

Liberty RoundTable Radio Show Hour 2 – 9/20/2019
* Guest: Richard Mack – TheFreedomCoalition.com – CSPOA.org.
* How Same-sex Couples now called pairs are reinventing ballroom dancing in Government Schools.
* Change to NDCA rule ll.A.6.a – Lee Wakefield. Same-sex Couples Are Now Permitted!
* Gun manufacturing company Colt announced it is suspending its production of rifles, including AR-15s, for civilians – AP.
* Six US cities have made a list of the top 50 most surveilled places in the world – Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, San Diego and Boston.
* Eight of the top 10 cities were in China.
* Atlanta came in 10th overall on the list of most surveilled cities in the world and first place for the most surveilled city in the US.
* Christian health group threatens to kick out Mormons for not being Christian – ‘The approach seemed a little heavy-handed’ – Joe Kovacs.
* Samaritan Ministries is based on the Bible, while Latter-day Saints “historically … affirm additional scriptures as authoritative.” It says those scriptures, along with Mormon leaders, have “denied at least some portion” of the organization’s statement of faith.
* Jim Cramer Says Wall Street Execs Are Panicking About Elizabeth Warren Presidency: ‘She’s Gotta Be Stopped!’.
* Matt Drudge Names Elizabeth Warren to Watch in Primaries.
* Poll shows Warren and Biden gaining.

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