9-2-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

While we’re focused on more attention-grabbing headlines, the fed has announced that it will be making policy changes to allow higher rates of inflation. Economics professor and Young Voices contributer Alex Salter joins me to talk about what this means and why we should be paying attention.

Why does it bug me so much when a “fact-checker” feature pops up over something I’ve shared on Facebook? James D. Agresti does a marvelous job of showing exactly how these so-called independent fact checkers are hired spinmeisters who mangle the truth to fit their particular political agenda.

One of the better back-to-school memes is the picture of a dejected-looking guy with a briefcase and the caption “Me on my 5,322 day of back-to -work.” Jon Miltimore has a great essay on how fewer young people are entering the job market and why that’s a problem.

The average America is finally seeing the light. When it comes to protecting you and and what’s dearest to you, the state will be too busy protecting itself to come and help. Ryan McMacken explains why millions of Americans are buying guns as they watch their cities burn.

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