9-17-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 2

I’ve long believed the majority of the conflicts around us are merely extensions of an eternal war between darkness and light. Dr. Walter E. Williams has a fascinating column on the dark side of one of history’s most diabolical philosophical giants–Karl Marx.

Why aren’t we hearing more about the South Dakota’s approach to dealing with Covid-19? Amelia Janaskie says South Dakota could be favorably compared with Sweden in terms of how it handled the pandemic.

Will further, more restrictive, lockdowns be imposed as we move forward? The answer to that question isn’t solely in the hands of government officials. Ryan McMacken warns that governments are likely to impose new lockdowns, if they think they can get away with it.

In case you hadn’t noticed, speaking the truth is not getting any easier. This is especially true when dealing with violent ideologies that insist on “purity” and absolute adherence to their line of thinking. A county commissioner in Southern Utah is currently being targeted for destruction for sharing a meme that warns those rioters who want to eliminate the police that law enforcement isn’t the only thing protecting us.

How well do you handle unpleasant truths and brutal reality? Daisy Luther’s latest column is a must read for anyone who is determined to be mentally fortified for seriously difficult times. If you get the sense that this could be useful information, please take the time to read and share her article.

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