9-17-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Guest: Bryan Rust – Over the past 50 years, Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals – RustCoinAndGift.com.

* We Are Celebrating Constitution Day! That’s Today! Are You? – For us, Constitution Day is every day of the year.

* Honest Money Report: Gold: $1943.10 Silver: $26.83.

* Joe Rogan wants to moderate a LIVE 4 HOUR DEBATE between Joe Biden and President Trump!

* Twitter suspended the account of a Chinese virologist who claims China is concealing evidence that coronavirus was manufactured in a research lab.

* Jobless Claims May Be Off By Millions. Weekly tallies of jobless claims were not meant to be treated as an economic indicator. The pandemic has exposed the shortcomings of doing so. – NYT.

* More than half of American businesses that closed down due to economic lockdowns are permanently shuttered, according to data Yelp published Wednesday.

* The Federal Reserve’s latest economic forecasts suggest that interest rates will remain near zero at least through 2023.

* Study: 95% of riots linked to Black Lives Matter – Damages estimated to top $1 billion! – WND.com.

* After shutting down for six months, Disneyland and Universal Studios are asking California Gov. Gavin Newsom to allow theme parks in the state to reopen.

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