9-1-2020 The Bryan Hyde Show hr 1

Eric Peters from EPAutos.com joins us for his weekly check-in. We talk about why the unmasked are the heretics of our time as well as how to find freedom in a world of “clovers.”

We hear a lot of talk about social justice these days. But how exactly does it square with the concept of authentic justice? Jon Miltimore has a great essay on how so-called social justice requires treating people unequally.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our society has a small problem with instability. There’s a fix for that but it’s not what some folks want to hear. Tamara El-Rahi explains the best kept secret of the middle class: marriage over cohabitation.

The sense that we are living in a time of inverted reality is getting stronger by the day. CNN shows burning buildings as its headlines describe “Mostly Peaceful Protests”, and NPR airs an interview with an author who defends looting as non-violent and “mostly good.” Brad Polumbo gives the latter subject the thorough debunking it deserves.

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