9-1-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* The brother of Seth Rich, Aaron Rich has asked a D. C. federal judge overseeing his defamation suit for full access to five recorded phone calls involving a conservative activist, a former Fox Business guest commentator and a private investigator hired by the Rich family to probe the murder.

* Facebook Fact Checkers Bought and Paid for By Gates Foundation? – Ben Swann.

* Did Michelle Obama claim that black women are ‘invisible’ to white Americans? – ‘When we do exist, we exist as a threat’.

* Star Parker: Black Lives Matter Got ‘Success Sequence’ Billboards Pulled Down in MilwaukeeStar Parker’s organization, UrbanCURE — or Center for Urban Renewal and Education — recently posted billboards with several points anyone could follow to live a better life, only for them to be pulled down prematurely.

* Sam Bushman Kindly Offers To Host a Debate Between Star Parker And Michelle Obama at His Own Expense!

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