8-7-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* Glenn Beck has been nominated for the Radio Hall of Fame! Do You Agree?

* Vice President Mike Pence calls Chief Justice Roberts a ‘disappointment.’! – When do We Impeach?

* NYC sets visitor log checkpoints.

* ‘Ballot harvesting’: Ex-attorney general warns new vote plan is ‘ripe for fraud’.

* Pence: Spreading Mail-in Ballots Everywhere ‘Ripe for Fraud’ – Absentee Balloting Has Signature Checks.

* Trump challenges governor after statewide mail-in voting approved: ‘See you in court’.

* Trump vows to issue executive order on mail-in votes – ‘I have the right to do it’.

* Chinese Company Sues Apple for Intellectual Property Theft.

* China Bans Cell Phones in Granaries after Video Shows Moldy Corn.

* The savaging of AG Barr and hydroxychloroquine doctors.

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