8-6-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Guest: Bryan Rust – Over the past 50 years, Rust Coins has been working to educate customers about precious metals – RustCoinAndGift.com.

* Honest Money Report: Gold: $2059.30 Silver: $28.23.

* Angela Provides an Update On The Freedom from Mask Mandate Rally.

* NFL Legend Herschel Walker Slams Black Lives Matter: ‘I’m for American Lives Matter’.

* Trump’s Covid boast is nearer to the truth than his opponents would like to admit So much for the conceit that a reckless president has led the US into a disaster.

* Pennsylvania Reports over 500 Coronavirus Deaths in July, Down 53.5% from June.

* Sweden’s top virus expert: ‘No point in wearing a face mask’ – Touts the country’s improving COVID numbers after choosing not to lock down.

* POLITICAL MALPRACTICE Did Herman Cain die for lack of hydroxychloroquine? – Andy Schlafly.

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