8-18-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Glenn Beck inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame – He was selected as a result of fan voting.

* Most expensive car ever sold online could fetch more than $4M – Wealthy collectors willing to buy 6-figure and 7-figure cars without inspecting or driving them.

* ‘The way they bow to China, it’s a disgrace’: Trump hammers the NBA’s anti-American political hypocrisy – Michael Austin.

* Congress members demand abortionists give millions of dollars back to government – Planned Parenthood’s huge operations took $80M in forgivable loans.

* World’s largest vaccine manufacturer in India wants to cap COVID vaccine price at $3 – Low-ceiling price proposed only for 92 countries in Covax alliance.

* South Dakota ‘Back the Blue’ Rally Sees Generous Turnout.

* Thousands Attend South Dakota Biker Rally With No Masks.

* Hundreds March Through West Hollywood During ‘Rescue America’ Rally.

* BLM Group Marches Through Seattle Neighborhood Demanding That White Residents Surrender Their Homes.

* Lance Armstrong’s Bike Shop Cancels Police Contract, Still Expect Cops to Protect from Threats.

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