7-6-2021 The Bryan Hyde Show hour one

Eric Peters from Eric Peters Autos stops by for our weekly chat. We discuss what Independence Day once stood for and Eric makes a strong case for how Big Sister has a name and is likely riding along with us in our vehicles.

It’s curious how everything that came before us is now being treated as racist, superstitious and wrong. Sheldon Richman has some needed historical perspective on the Enlightenment and why it’s worth defending today.

Ever notice how many people are claiming a right to some portion of your time and energy? Kent McManigal offers timely clarification on how you’re only responsible for yourself (babies & children excepted).

What does the opposite of personal responsibility look like? Probably a lot like how politicians currently behave. Jeff Minnick reminds us that “deny thyself” is not in the vocabulary of most politicians.


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