7-25-2019 Liberty Round Table with Sam Bushman


Liberty Roundtable Radio Show Hour 1 – 7/25/2019
* Sam Bushman: Robert Mueller, Legal Mastermind or, Confused, Old Man Meltdown?
* Mueller did not have command of the facts, or seemingly knowledge of much of his own investigation, complete disaster for Democrats.
* Mueller needed questions repeated to him, came off as confused and unfamiliar with the work he’d allegedly spent two years doing, and generally gave Democrats nothing they were hoping for.
* the Mueller team had no interest in discovering how the Russia hoax got started in the first place, as Mueller seemed to testify that he’d never heard of Fusion GPS and wouldn’t even say if he’d ever read the “Steele dossier.
* Rep. Jim Jordan blasts Mueller for dodging questions.
* Trey Gowdy: The person who had learned the most about the Mueller report was former special counsel Robert Mueller himself.
* He was not engaged. He didn’t interview the witnesses. He clearly didn’t write the report.
* Mueller Told DOJ He Wasn’t Charging Trump Due To Lack Of Evidence 3 TIMES!

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