7-23-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 2

* 74 New Yorkers Tested for Coronavirus Got False Positive Results.

* Connecticut Reports Dozens of False Positive Coronavirus Tests.

* Gov. DeSantis Calls for Investigation as Those Not Tested for Coronavirus Receive Positive Results.

* PEOPLE WHO NEVER TOOK TEST BEING TOLD THEY’RE COVID-POSITIVE – How accurate are coronavirus numbers? – Kelen McBreen Infowars.com.

* How Deadly Is Covid-19? Researchers Are Getting Closer to an Answer – Research suggests the new coronavirus kills about five to 10 people for every 1,000 that it infects, though rate varies based on age and access to health care.

* Feds: Visiting Stanford Researcher Lied About Chinese Military Connections.

* Millions of Americans not buying official coronavirus death count – ‘The real number of deaths is less’.

* Google Promises Coronavirus Tracing Tech Is Private – But Still Collects Location Data.

* Anthony Fauci to Throw First Pitch for Washington Nationals’ Season Opener.

* Anthony Fauci doesn’t believe coronavirus will ever be eradicated.

* Dollar Tree, Family Dollar Will Not Require Shoppers to Wear Masks.

* Michigan: Hillsdale graduation broke law despite masks and social distancing – College says it’s ‘expressive activity’ – and safer than governor’s Black Lives Matter march.

* Tax Hikes in a Pandemic: Some States, Cities Say Yes.

* Arms industry: Gun buys up 95%, ammo 139%, sales to blacks jump 58% – Paul Bedard.

* Trump Raises $20M from 300,000 Donors.

* US Closes Chinese Consulate in Houston over Privacy, IP Theft Concerns.

* Jeff Bezos’ Fortune Grows $13B in a Day as Lockdowns Boost Outlook on Online Retail.

* Planned Parenthood to Remove Eugenicist Margaret Sanger’s Name from Flagship Abortion Clinic.

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