7-22-2020 Liberty RoundTable with Sam Bushman Hour 1

* Disney World tightens mask requirements – USA Today. Visitors will no longer be able to eat or drink while walking.

* More Businesses are Requiring visitors to Wear Masks, undergo temperature checks on arrival and observe social distancing mandates.

* Disneyland in California was scheduled to reopen last week, but that was postponed amid rising coronavirus cases in the state.

* Trump: I’m Going to Restart Daily Coronavirus Briefings They’re ‘a great way to get information out to the public’.

* A Kentucky couple says they were placed on house arrest and fitted with ankle monitors after one of them tested positive for COVID-19 but then refused to sign a county self-isolation order.

Sheriff John Ward told the Herald Leader that his office assisted health department officials in executing court documents from a Hardin County Circuit Court judge.

* Tucker Carlson says NYT plans to reveal location of his home in order to injure his family and shut him up.

* Wh: ‘Shootings and Other Crimes Spike in the Poorest Neighborhoods When Cops Pull Back’!

* MO AG Files Motion to Dismiss Charges Against the McCloskeys.

* Abolition of The United States is the Real Goal Says Portland Riot Organizer.

* Portland Leaders Plead: End the Violence, Let’s Talk.

* ‘This is not a dictatorship!’: Portland protesters push back harder against Trump, federal agents.

* Democrats Furious That Kasich Is Speaking at DNC.

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